Open Governance & Legacy

Governance – Citizenship and the relationship between the personal and the political. Within the Open Governance intervention we will seek to animate the principles and methodologies of citizen engagement in local Government – whether strategic direction or specific decision-making.

Through series of active participatory installations staged at the Cidade Campus festival in Guimarães, whether physical or digitally accessed, the workshop will highlight key questions and engage citizens by visualising policy issues or strategic cultural changes.

Guimarães 2012- Lagacy workshop: Legacy & future opportunities for Guimarães & beyond.

Guimarães 2012 has been a year long exploration of cultural possibilities, social opportunities and new economic networks within and beyond the small city. This workshop will provide an opportunity to take stock of some of the projects and developments at Guimarães. 2012 and reflect on their legacy and what they tell us about the future. There will be many future opportunities for Guimarães., but also for the future of other small cities – what are the collective lessons of the Guimaraes 2012 encounter?

  • The workshop will allow summaries of existing projects to be built in real-time. These summaries will capture key aspects of projects, who was involved? what happened? where did they have an influence? etc.
  • The workshop will then pay attention to their impact. All the Guimarães. 2012 projects have challenged thinking at many levels: For example, the perceptions of individuals, approaches to planning, relationships between stakeholders. These ripples of influence will be mapped and explored.
  • The workshop will then use this information to inform speculation on the future; the future of Guimarães.itself but equally the future of other cities where the ambitions of Guimarães. are shared. What does the Guimarães. project landscape tell us about the interventions that have impact and how the ripples of change can be nurtured into the future?

The workshop will be valuable to those engaged in the projects of Guimarães. 2012, the communities, planners and stakeholders with civic responsibility in Guimarães. and all those beyond Guimarães. who want to connect with the city’s experience and collaborate in the future.