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Bristol Pride – the Rife recap

Credit: Jon Aitken

Credit: Jon Aitken

Jon went to his first ever Pride last saturday here in Bristol, have a look at his experience below.

Rife is currently working with a group of young LGBT (confused? refer to this video) teens and so we took the chance to get some filming done at Pride for the video we’re making, as well as enjoy everything it has to offer.

The sun was shining, because, you know, happiness.

Celeb spotting early on…

As well as lots of really happy people!

From 11:30am we marched, with a massive Nando’s chicken. Think of the sweat.

Season-appropriate music:

Lots of people in leather…

The excitement might have got to me a bit.

So much yes.

My selfie game was still strong from the St. Pauls Carnival Challenge

And so our filming for our LGBT video began!

We even managed to get on the radio.

And we were, uh, amazing.

Not such a sly selfie this time…

There was entertainment everywhere, from drag queens to music stages:

Even our project leader managed to have some fun…

And then we were finished! And exhausted from all the happiness and joy.

But our legacy continued…

We all had a fantastic day, thank you to everyone who came along and helped out with our filming and also those who followed the live coverage. Look out for the video soon…

Did you go to Bristol Pride? Let us know by tweeting us, and check out Sophie’s article on why we need Pride and how necessary the council funding is, here.