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Rolling In The Deep [Mud]: Why We Love Festivals

Copyright: Eigenes Werk

Copyright: Eigenes Werk

Mud, weather, toilets, expensive food – Cai Burton wonders what it is exactly that attracts us to festivals

Every summer, loads of people – including myself – flock to festivals. But what do they have to offer – especially to young people? I’ve picked out my top 10 things that I like about festivals.

1. Music

This one’s kind of obvious and there’s a little chance that during a festival, you may experience some sort of music – it would be hard not to…

Back to the future speaker

But hearing music live at festivals is a completely different experience. Stand close to the speakers and you can actually feel how loud the music is.

2. Just being outside!

You’ll be spending several days outdoors and once you get used to the idea of getting a bit grubby, it’s actually really nice. We all end up spending a lot of time indoors at work or school, so it’s great to just spend a few days out in the open.


3. The different venues and scenery

Festivals tend to have loads of really creative stages and scenery. I’ll always remember at my first time at Shambala, they had ‘Shambarber’, which was a barber’s by day, but played house music at night! There is a crazy amount of really interesting things to look at during festivals!


Check out this – the spider stage by Arcadia. It’s made out of lots of scrap pieces of metal put together for the festival.

4. Booze Casualties

One of my favourite parts is just watching and laughing at some of the people that have clearly had way too much to drink:

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[ahem: be aware and be responsible – cautious ed.]

5. The costumes

A big part of festivals is the costumes everyone wears. There are simply LOADS there! Lots of people make their own which always put yours to shame, but it’s still great fun dressing up and watching people dressed up.


I just love how you can look completely daft and nobody cares.

6. Trying something new

Festivals have so much to offer, and I’m sure that there is something there that you’ve not tried before. Festivals are a great place to try something different.


7. Food

Has anyone told you about food at festivals? Because you need to hear about it. Long gone are the days where you can only find a greasy burger and chips at a festival and the food is amazing. Sure, if you WANT a greasy burger and chips, the option is there, but that’s the beauty of it – there is so much choice, you just want to have some of everything.


8. Meeting new people

Festivals are such a great place to meet new people. You’re bound to have something in common with the person you meet dancing at your favourite band. Most people seem really friendly and nobody is going to judge you for just coming up and saying hi.


9. The variety of things to do

There is SO much to do at festivals. If music isn’t your thing, why not look out for some live cabaret? Or you could always have a dance in a carnival procession? Perhaps try out a workshop or two? Go to some spoken word or poetry sessions? I could go on, but I think you get the picture.


10. Camping

If the weather’s decent, one of the great things about festivals is being able to spend a few days in a tent. If it’s not…


Okay, so tents aren’t THAT great when it’s wet. However it does make you realise how nice your warm, dry bed at home is.

Have we left off any other essential festival experiences? What festivals are you going to? Let us know @rifemag