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No matter what, no star is too far to reach. And you never give up – Michael Jackson.

As a massive admirer, Shin_LoveLife tributes Michael Jackson on his 56th birthday, by listing his inspiring achievements during his life. 

Age 10+

Michael had already been singing with the Jackson 5 for five years and had slowly become the lead vocalist.

Berry Gordy signed the Jackson 5 to Motown in 1968

They moved from Gary, Indiana to LA and lived with Diana Ross in 1968

First single ‘I Want You Back’ went to no. 1 in January 1970 followed by ‘ABC’, ‘Love You Save’ and ‘I’ll Be There’

Solo career launched at 13

‘Ben’ was his first solo no.1 in 1972

Jackson 5 had a cartoon show than ran for two years called Jackson 5ive

Left Motown and begin working with Epic Records

1979 released first solo record, ‘Off the Wall’

Jackson 5 were the first group to hit the no.1 spot with 4 singles consecutively

Age 20+ 

Duet with Paul McCartney ‘The Girl is Mine’ 1982

Broke boundaries for black artists by having his video repeated on MTV with ‘Billie Jean’

Debuts Moonwalk at Motown’s 25th Anniversary 1983

13-minute minute video for ‘Thriller’ premiered 2nd December 1983

It stayed at no. 1 for 37 weeks and was in the charts for two years

‘Thriller’ gave him seven top ten singles

In 1985 he co-wrote the charity song ‘We Are the World’

Guinness World Record Titles includes longest span of US top 40 singles 1971-2011

First artist to have five singles reach no. 1 from the same album ‘Bad’ 1987

His ‘Bad’ tour made over $124 million

He won 8 Grammys in one night in 1984, more than any artist in that decade

Age 30+

He bought his estate Neverland, where he moved with Bubbles in 1988

The Michael & Bubble sculpture made by Jeff Koons was sold for $5.616.750 dollars at an auction

No. 1 album ‘Dangerous’ was released in 1991

Performed during halftime at the Superbowl  June 1993, where 133.4 Million viewers watched worldwide

Another no.1 album ‘HIStory’ was released in 1995

Won a Grammy for Best Music Video ‘Scream’ which is the most expensive music video ever made – £7m

Had three children Prince, Paris & Prince Michael

Released ‘Invincible’ in 2001

8th July 2009 he announced ‘This Is It’ tour in London, which sold out in four hours

Sadly he passed on June 25th 2009

One billion people tuned in to his memorial on July 12th 2009

He won a Lifetime Achievement Award Grammy in 2010

There were mixed emotions when ‘Xscape’ was released May, 2014

Hologram performance of ‘Slave to the Rhythm’ took place at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards

“This is it” the film was released Oct 2009. During the open weekend It was no.1 at box office and made $23 million in the US and $260 million worldwide

Everyone has their opinion on Michael Jackson but regardless; he is the King of Pop and Entertainment. He had drive, passion and initiative – you can see that by looking at his achievements.

As young people, in order to succeed our aspirations and create a legacy, we need to have the drive and passion to excel in everything we do, collaborate with each other and show the other generations what we are capable of doing.

Nothing is impossible.

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