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An Awesome Bristol Band: Stone Cold Fiction

Credit: Molly Perryman

Credit: Molly Perryman

Stone Cold Fiction are another awesome Bristol band on Molly’s list next-big-things you need to know about now. Because when they get massive, you’ll want everyone to know you were there first.

‘We all love the same kind of music; rock, grunge, blues, funk and stoner-rock…’

Formed just over a year ago, Stone Cold Fiction have hit Bristol’s music scene, performing all over the city including headline shows at The Louisiana and The Exchange. The guys of Stone Cold Fiction also regularly perform at smaller local venues and have a busy 2015 ahead of them, from support gigs and more headline shows.

Each member of Stone Cold Fiction holds a strong performance with unique style and skill. If you like the sound of Red Hot Chili Pepper’s combined with the The Black Keys then Stone Cold Fiction are just the band for you.

Credit: Molly Perryman

Credit: Molly Perryman

I asked Alex, the drummer of Stone Cold Fiction, why they started the band. He said:

‘We all love the same kind of music; rock, grunge, blues, funk and stoner-rock, so when we first started jamming, we just got along so well. Eventually, we decided to start a band properly and started to write songs and gig. Bristol has a better music scene than most cities. There are lot’s of independent venues around, that love to put on local bands.’

But he also mentioned the downfall of trying to break onto the music scene…:

‘Like most new bands, we struggled to get people down to gigs. Unfortunately, not a lot of people support musicians pretty much anywhere you go. ‘

‘Support other bands, work hard, be persistent and financially invest in your band.’

But that doesn’t stop Stone Cold Fiction from entertaining audiences big and small. Their sets are lively and the guys have fun no matter what. The upbeat indie-funk-rock sound created by the trio is definitely a room-filler in my opinion.

We will be expecting an EP from the band in the near future but in the meantime, check out their live performance of ‘Hard To Get’:

Want to find out more about Stone Cold Fiction? Check out their Facebook page for more information and upcoming gigs and let us know what you think @rifemag

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