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VLOG: A Brief Examination of Death

Jon Aitken

How do you cope with the death of a loved one? Has your attitude towards someone dying changed as you’ve grown up? Jon reflects upon his own experiences with death of those close to him and otherwise. 

One of the main themes from this year’s Mayfest is death, which is something that – at 24 years old – I feel like I’ve had a wide range of experiences with. Family, pets, animated film characters – I’ve covered them all.

The Mayfest shows cover a similarly diverse range of death – you can listen to death on the phone,  laugh about death, and even eat your dinner while listening to a story about death. I’ll be visiting some of them in the next week or so and sharing my thoughts on Rife after.

In the meantime, here’s my vlog about all the deaths that have ever happened to me. It’s not as depressing as you might think. Honest.

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