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The Afro Chronicles: Volume One

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A comic in which Leo chronicles what it’s like having an Afro.

Having an Afro is hard work…

After actor Amandla Stenberg’s critiqued Kylie Jenner’s cornrows on Instagram, it felt like the entire internet and their nan suddenly had an opinion on black hair and hairstyles.

Having an Afro is hard work, and I’m not talking about looking after it (although spending two hours finger-detangling isn’t exactly a walk in the park either.)

No, it’s hard work having a hairstyle that can be amazing, flexible, diverse, desirable, and gravity-defying, but also seriously misunderstood. It gets tiring explaining why it’s irksome that a Jenner gets praised for wearing cornrows, or what a doobie wrap is, or why, no, you seriously can’t touch my hair.  So, I created a comic about what it’s really like having an Afro. Volume One is below.

Afro Comic 1200jpeg

Watch out for Volume Two coming soon. In the mean time, tweet us your hair tales @rifemag

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