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VIDEO: Abuse Is Abuse, Offline OR Online


Susie Williams, from ALL RISE – Say No To Cyber Abuse, returns to give us an exclusive preview of their new campaign video.

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All Rise Say No To Cyber Abuse | Ad Campaign 01 from All Rise on Vimeo

ALL RISE – Say No to Cyber Abuse’ recently released their first campaign video, highlighting the devastating effects that online abuse can have on its victims. It powerfully depicts that no matter where you are – at home, work, or in this case the street, or who you are – young, old, male, female or any member of society, cyber abuse can reach you and no different to physical abuse it can take a serious toll on your physical and mental wellbeing.

Abuse is increasingly common over the Internet, and it will continue to escalate further unless we collectively take a stand, and demonstrate that it is not acceptable for 60% of our population to receive a derogatory name online, or that 75% have witnessed cyber abuse happen to someone else. Reporting abusive content and blocking offensive users are ways YOU can start taking responsibility for the content on the internet.

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