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Why We Celebrate Mother’s Day


Amy is here to remind those of you who need to know, that Mother’s Day is this weekend.

Mother’s Day has only been around for roughly a century

Mother’s Day has only been around for roughly a century, and it is a day which can be stressful. Often we will guiltily forget it exists until the last minute (it’s not just me, right?) but I still believe it’s a really worthwhile celebration and I’m glad to be alive in a time when it is a tradition.

For those of us lucky enough to have a loving mother-figure in our life it is an opportunity to show our appreciation and gratitude for all that they have done for us. But what makes a mother? Although many believe the entry requirement is to have given birth to a baby, I no longer think this applies. According to Google the verb ‘to mother’ means to bring up a child with care and affection. It means to look after someone and raise them, doing their best to give them a good start in the world. So whoever has done this for you, whether it is your carer, nan, biological mother, step mother, or someone else, as long as they have been this loving person who has helped raise you I think they deserve this day in which we celebrate them.

Like any holiday, it can be nerve-wrecking.

Like any holiday, it can be nerve-wrecking. Holidays are times when you feel pressured to do something nice for someone, and although this is a wonderful tradition, it can leave you worrying about what presents are good enough, whether to buy the smart-price card or to make one yourself, and trying to rack your memory for what types of chocolates your mum likes. To be honest I wasn’t really sure what to get my mum. So, confession time, as a writer I may have decided the best way to show my gratitude was to write an article celebrating her wonderful-ness. And although this is personal, I’m sure a lot of you can relate, or find it helps you convey your own feelings towards your mother-figure.

My mum is an inspiration. She raised me single-handedly for a really long time (which for those of you who know me have probably guessed that this wasn’t easy – my mum lovingly nicknames me ‘the dictator’) and despite the difficulties she has faced in her own life, she has always done her best for me. She has been a truly commendable role-model, as she is a very kind, understanding person, who is really open minded and naturally caring. Honestly if she ruled the world then there would be a lot less suffering (and a lot more cats).

Mum has been a really dependable person over the years, and when I’ve had my own difficulties with mental health or exams or whathaveyou she has always been there for me with hugs and advice. She’s looked after me when I’m sick, been my best friend when I’ve needed one, and is very good at cheering me up (she is very funny, which is obviously where I get my own sense of humour from. Yes I do have one, it’s not a myth.) When others have been incredulous about my wanting to pursue a career in writing rather than something more secure like – I don’t know, I think there’s something called not-magic-but-science or something to do with numbers? – she’s been infinitely encouraging. She is my best critic (maybe too good), and my number one fan. Which is great, because I’m her number one fan. I hope through this that she will realise how much she is appreciated, and cared about. Whether we’re discussing the politics behind ‘True Blood’, Descartes and his so-called philosophy, or whether we should let our cat outside, I’m glad of every conversation we have had, and every moment I have got to have with her.

So, yeah, mum is an amazing person in her own right, and I couldn’t have asked for a better mum. So I’m really glad this day exists wherein I can gratefully embarrass my mum in my favourite magazine so that hopefully, when she forgives me, she can see how much she means to me. And I hope this has made you think about how much your mother means to you. Maybe they are also a great role model; are there for you; are supportive of your dreams. If so, I implore you to tell them. Maybe not in the same way, copycat, but I guess you could if you want. Whatever feels right, whether it’s the smart-price card, a box of Thorntons, a poem, some flowers, or some sort of public declaration of appreciation, do whatever is right for you and your mum. Whatever it is, I’m sure she will love it. I hope you love this, mum.

To all, happy Mother’s Day. Have a great day.

Call your mother. She misses you. 

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