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Eight Ideas For Your Summer Holidays

Stuck for ideas for this summer? Check these ideas out.

[This piece was put together by our super work experience team: Sofia, Adam, Prince and Harry]

During the summer holidays, we have the freedom to enjoy the beautiful weather and taste what life has to offer, but without the correct planning they can go to waste.

So check out this list of activities we guarantee will spice up your summer holidays and bring curiosity to your adventures.

  1. 1. Adventure Around A Local Natural Space  


There’s plenty of outdoor places you can go to and things you can do in them. For example, some places such as Oldbury Court in Fishponds have huge playgrounds to play on and water sources nearby so a water fight is also an option.

Cabot Tower and the surrounding area of Brandon Hill is also a great place to visit, with plenty of spots to have a sugar-filled picnic, sunbathe, or hang up a hammock on some trees. If you have forgotten what tree climbing is like, your local green area may be a good place to do this too: You can become a small child again.

Somewhere near you may also be a camping spot. If you don’t mind sleeping away from home and in the outdoors, it might be a new activity to try with some friends. If you want further information about the parks and spaces in Bristol, visit Go Places To Play

2. Dust Off Your Bike And Take A Trip Out With Friends


If your bike is anything like mine, it’s been locked away in a shed for far too long now, gathering dust and cobwebs. But now the sun’s back out there’s no excuse not to grab a helmet and a map, meet up with your friends and enjoy the great outdoors.

Some of the best cycling trips are those that link in with other activities, maybe pack a bag and find somewhere to picnic, or find a nice pub restaurant along a cycle path or canal and stop off there for a while.

For those in the Bristol/Bath area, the Two Tunnels pathway between the two cities is a gorgeous, nature filled route with plenty of places to stop and eat along the way.

3. Find A Local Hobby Group On Facebook Or Meetup


With the invention and accessibility of both technology and the internet, it has made it much easier for people to easily communicate, share views and arrange events.

If you want to find a way to spend your summer holidays, I suggest using either the Meetup app or Facebook to find a group with similar interests to you. There are many other sources you can use to find groups based on interests you enjoy.

These can range from a basketball team to a photography enthusiast club, and all the way to online gaming and technology.

I once used the Meetup app to meet up with a bunch of people who were also interested in photography. We met locally and one guy bought a bag with him; it contained a bunch of old cameras.

The experience was exciting and enjoyable because not only did I gain new knowledge, but talked to a bunch of new people who had similar interests as me but due to a little offer the pub gave, we had some free food too.

4. Buy A Week Bus Pass and Explore New Areas Around Where You Live        


Buying a weekly bus pass is a great way to spend your holidays and a way to explore new places you’ve never been to before. Nothing is more exciting than discovering a new destination, meeting new people you’ve never talked to and exploring the variety of culture on offer to you throughout the UK.

This can be extended to buying a return train ticket to a new location. Once I bought a return train ticket and travelled to Winchester. The huge difference in culture was outstanding, the heritage was something to look at and the food was worth the travel. On the streets they had buskers like here in Bristol, but they played artists such as Elton John.

5. Rent Out A Local Sports Court/Field With Your Friends


Getting out of the house can seem like a long and tiring process. Why not invite some friends and rent out a sports hall? In Bristol there are a lot of place where you can go with your friends and just get active

The advantages of hiring a hall is that you can do more than one sport if you get bored. Either being competitive or just having a laugh you can get out the house and have a good time.

Group sports like volleyball and basketball can be great because a number of your friends can do it at the same time and it doesn’t matter about your ability.

6. Discover And Attend A Local Festival You’ve Never Heard Of Before


In the summer there seems to be festival every week that you never heard of. We all know about the big festival like Glastonbury and wireless but with not go to something more local to home.

If you like food, why not go to the Multi And Thai Culture Food Festival. Entering the fifth year celebrating not only Thai culture but also Brazilian and Filipino why not get out the house on the 30th-31st  of July and experience some new cuisine.

If music is more your thing, then why not go to Watchet Festival. It’s a family-friendly festival with a range of high calibre musical acts not normally found performing in West Somerset.

7. Chill Out At Home And Get Creative


If you’re home stranded or just not feeling like going out, fear not! Summer isn’t just about going out and travelling and there are plenty of activities that can be done without having to travel anywhere.

If you’re feeling like some refreshments, you could try your hand at homemade lemonade or even homemade ice cream if you’re feeling particularly adventurous.

If food and drink making doesn’t appeal, you’re never too old to build a fort; be it indoors with pillows or outdoors with blankets and sticks, and once you’re masterpiece is built it can prove the perfect place to chill out and read a book, watch a movie or play some video games.

If you enjoy writing, r/WritingPrompts can be an ideal place for inspiration and for those budding artist out there, DeviantArt is a bottomless pit of incredible work and ideas.

8. Marathon Your Favourite Movie Or TV Series, Or Try Out A New One


With lots of free time on your hands, the summer is a perfect time to catch up on shows you haven’t had the time to watch because of education or work or other commitments.

It’s also a great time to watch the ones you have been keeping an eye on all year but have not been able to start. If you own DVDs or box sets or shows, you are more than sorted but if you need to get your hands on the ones you want, there are rental and streaming services that can help you.

Amazon Prime, Google Play, your TV provider’s built in rental service, and Netflix are good places to start. Your local library may have some films or TV shows you find interesting, and the rental cost can be very reasonable if you are looking to rent them for a week or two.

If friends or family also have recommendations, it may be easier and cheaper to borrow from them. Either way, you are sorted! Just grab some friends (if that’s how you like to watch your films), some food and drinks, a duvet, and your remote control.

To sum up, there are plenty of new things you can do this Summer if you are stuck for ideas and we hope reading this has helped. You could do something big or something small but either way, as long as you are having fun, this Summer should be one to remember for all the right reasons.

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What are your plans for the Summer? What activity would you put on the list? Let us know @rifemag