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Small Steps To Help The Environment

Pixabay images

Pixabay images

With all the change developing politically and economically, let’s get our game plan on with some small steps we can take everyday to keeping the planet breathing.

Even down to our own biological survival kit, homeostasis (our body’s tool to maintain a constant internal environment), is what keeps us alive. When we sense a change, eg getting too hot, becoming ill, a reaction is activated that propels the body back to our neutral state. It is this fact that keeps me focused on the idea of consistency, and why it is integral in keeping us alive. So if this is the case for our internal environment, then it is absolutely the case for our external environment. Our external planet is losing its homeostasis; there isn’t a control centre to keep the process consistence.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to find out the difference between toilet water used during the weekend of Glastonbury? When a predominant part of the country is using ‘portaloos’ instead of the luxurious house toilet?

So here’s some things you can do to help save the environment.

1. If It’s Yellow, Let It Mellow. If It’s Brown, Flush It Down…

Here’s something you can do everyday to save toilet water….

Flush lightly…flushing lightly generates less water and for those No.1’s, a heavy flush isn’t necessary, so save those heavier flushes for those heavier human deposits haha. As well as this, Water savers are good too, I found a company called ‘Hippo Water Saver’ which is a cheap and effective water saving device used in the top box of your toilet. Have a click on the link to find out more

2. Have A Vegan Junk Food Day. And It’s OK That It Doesn’t Taste Like ‘Real Meat’.


Try doing a vegan fest  once a week.

And have fun with it. Think of your favourite junk foods and look for how you can create a vegan alternative. This is a bit of mental challenge as well as physical one.  Beginning to change your expectation of how things have to taste. You can still get the ¼ pound burger sensation; it’ll just be a different kinda’ burger…

The producing of ‘real’ meat uses a hell of a lot of energy, for the people it takes to produce it as well as the planet. 2-5 acres of land in the world is used per cow. Not just in the UK but globally. And lets say that, that cow is just used for slaughter for meat alone, not including dairy or leather. When adding up all the different things we use cows for,  you end up with one big mother mooing  number.

3. Self Indulge. Simples.

Lush Cosmetics

Lush Cosmetics

If you’re going to treat yourself,  there are lots of places that do great for the skin and the environment!

LUSH Cosmetics have a huge variety of goodies that can be used for different purposes.

So save getting 50 face creams, exfoliators and black head removers.

One of my favourite products is self-preserving ocean salt face and body scrub (for my face, body and occasionally my hair too. It’s predominantly made up of coconut oil, which is a good healer for dryness and scarring, it makes my skin soft, hair bouncy and it comes in a recyclable tub that when you collect five, you can exchange for a free face mask.

4. Get Out In The Gardens

credits to LoopZilla

Credits to LoopZilla

Planting your own fruits and vegetables is a lovely way of connecting with the planet, you are literally getting out what you put in. So use the great British weather to find you’re nearest allotment or get your hands dirty in your own garden and begin planting things that you would love to see growing in your space. From flowers to potatoes there is so much that’s coming into season and it makes you feel so cool afterwards to be eating food that you planted months before hand.

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Interested in getting greener fingers? theres loads of groups around the city offering environmental awareness and opportunities to get muddy!