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VIDEO: The Good Morning Project Ft. Gracie Sodzi


In The Good Morning Project, Ailsa interviews inspiring people about what gets them up in the morning –in both the practical and wider sense of the phrase. 

Gracie Sodzi is just coming to the end of a year out in between school and university in which they have been focussing on their social enterprise, graciefullymade. Through graciefullymade workshops, Gracie encourages discussion of mental health and self care over the crafting of thoughtful gifts.

As part of The Good Morning Project, I talked to Gracie about their morning routine, what helps them to begin each day and what motivates them to get out of bed at all and do what they do.

Watch the video:

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Camera and production: Ailsa Fineron
Featuring: Gracie Sodzi

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If you or a loved one are struggling with mental health issues, you can contact Off The Record who provide free, confidential mental health support and information to young people in Bristol. And if you’d like to participate in some wellbeing art centric workshops, check out Mind Over Matter!