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Bristol’s Older People


Kaja asks her Nan about her work with Bristol’s older people and how young people can get involved with the older generation.

Judith Brown, known to me as ‘Nan’, is the Chair of Bristol’s Older People Forum, and is a volunteer for BAB (Bristol Ageing Better). She does a lot of work to tackle loneliness and isolation amongst the elderly in Bristol and to get their voices heard. Because older people are people too, with ideas, passions and aspirations.

Why did I decide to interview my Nan now? Because it’s Christmas soon. According to Age UK, in 2010 half a million old people spent Christmas alone. Loneliness is a huge problem for old people, especially this time of year, but my Nan wouldn’t want this to bring you down, as there are so many positive things we can do about it.

Young people like you, yes you, can help older people, and find that it’s a really rewarding experience. This three-part series of videos are about why you should care, how you can help, and whether teenagers and octogenarians are really all that different.

Video One: Judith on what she does and how you can help older people.

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Video Two: How to help older people at Christmas time.

Video Three: Judith on whether young people and old people have shared experiences and her final message to you.

Find out  more about Bristol’s Older People’s Forum here. Or find out more about BAB here, and follow their twitter @BabBristol. If you’d like to sign Judith’s Petition sign here.

If you would like to help give lonely older people a nice Christmas, why not try The Marmalade Trust? Or why not volunteer with LinkAge

If you have any thoughts on how younger people can help the older generation, please comment below.