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Video: Things Awkward People Do


Here is the second part of Kaja’s three-piece project on confidence, a video where Kaja looks at things awkward people do.

So a few weeks ago, I asked if you can con confidence by faking it. This week, in this video, I’m talking about awkwardness…the enemy of confidence.

Us less confident people seem to be a bit more awkward than most, but instead of shying away from our everyday blunders and fails, we should come together and share in our awkward experiences to feel a sense of solidarity. And to laugh at ourselves. Or me, specifically.


That’s why I wanted to make this vlog. So you guys can see me fail in every day life and maybe relate to some of these awkward things. Then we can both feel assured in the fact that we’re not alone.

So get ready for the best film of the year. Oscar-nominated, it has been given stunning reviews such as: ‘It’s like a weird episode of “Peep Show”‘ and ‘This is really awkward’.

I hope you enjoy.

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