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‘Chasing Borders’: A Refugee Documentary


Check out our new documentary, made by BFI Film Academy students 2016/17, following the story of a refugee fleeing a war zone, looking for safety.

Having to leave his family and country, share the story of what it’s like to be a young refugee trying to find a home….

Based on a true story, this documentary tells the heartbreaking story of one person walking to safety. As the refugee crisis is splattered across every single front page, we talk to someone who has lived through it.

Watch the documentary now:

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Emilia Quistelli, Sam Glenn – Directors
Asma Ibrahim – Producer
Beanie Russell, Sam Westland – Camera
Kaden Gardener, George Ramada – Sound and Editing
Hamaad – Actor
Bex Rose – Filming mentor
Freesound.com – Sound effects
Music: Dumbek by John La Vine, Oud by Xserra, Sargija by Tomlija
Special thanks to Aid Box Convoy, Susan Yates and City of Bristol College

This short documentary was made by young people on the BFI Film Academy programme delivered by Watershed.

The BFI Film Academy Bristol identifies and nurtures young talent (16-19-year-olds) so they have the skills and knowledge to thrive in the film industry.


If you’re in need of any support or want any more information check out Refugee Women of Bristol