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Five Best Cheap Street Eats In Bristol


Wanna know the best cheap eats in Bristol? Grace got your plate and is ready to fill it up. 

Bristol is well known for having brilliant food culture, with many unknown or small and local businesses providing street food and meals throughout the city centre and wide. Street food, for those who don’t know, is food bought in the street to be eaten there or whilst walking around , most places that sell street food are either stalls or markets. So, in this article I will be providing you with the best places to get street food and meals in and around Bristol.

  1. Za Za Bazaar, Harbourside, Canon’s Rd


Although not a major street food stall Za Za Bazaar does sell typical Asian street food. Za Za Bazaar has lots to offer. So, you and a bunch of friends are out looking for a place to get a good, decent and filling meal for dinner. Ever heard of Za Za Bazaar? This multicultural all-you-can-eat buffet can offer you food as basic as chicken, nuggets, chips and pizza to food from the Far East or things like sushi or pasta. (They even have a nacho bar). In a restaurant inspired by the night markets of Asia.

On the weekends, an hour and forty-five minutes of non-stop food heaven will only cost you £12.99. (£9.99 for the actual meal and £3.99 for bottomless drinks.) So, really is Za Za Bazaar is a great place to get cheap and lovely food.

The Canteen, 80 Stokes Croft


Canteen is a small, sustainable and local business located on Stokes Croft in Hamilton House which was once a neglected office block but is now a centre for the community. The building is right next to a very famous Banksy mural “The Mild, Mild West”, so if you’re into Banksy and food, this is the café for you. Being winners of the Bristol Good Food Award for Best Gluten Free and Best Supporter of Local Produce this small café ticks every box for being the perfect inner – city café. Their meal prices usually range £5 to £10 and to accompany your meal you will receive a free soup and crusty bread. They provide food for vegans, vegetarians and also people who need gluten free food. So, there is some for everyone. Their menu is seasonal due to relying on local producers it literally depends on what ingredients are available.

Eat -A-Pitta, 1–3 Glass Arcade, St Nicholas Market


After 12 years of being in the restaurant business Dan (the creator of the business). In 2011 he decided to open ‘Eat-A-Pitta’ in St Nicholas Market with the help of The Princes Trust. This wonderful stall sells handmade falafels, hummus, fresh salads and homemade sauces all wrapped up in a pitta. Prices are incredibly reasonable with classic falafel in a pitta, including all salad, only being £5.70. Or classic hummus bowl (which includes 3 pieces of falafel with fresh hummus) only costs £4.00.


Edna’s Kitchen, Castle Park, Wine St.


This small café located at the top of Wine Street in Castle Park is perfect for the times when you’re on break at work and need some lunch or a small snack. Also, being right next to Castle Park you can grab you lunch or food and sit in the park with a bite to eat and maybe a newspaper or the latest book you’ve been reading. On their menu they show the range of food they sell, all in that tiny café. From main dishes such as falafel or a spinach and feta roll to Edna’s nut roast. To desserts such as a baked cheesecake and a top banana cake. There really is a variety of food to choose from.

Grillstock, 41 Triangle W


This barbecue restaurant based on Triangle West just outside of the city centre is the best place to go if you want a quality burger. It’s an American vintage styled burger joint with just one long table going through the centre of the room. They sell all things barbecue from brisket burnt ends to Texas hot links, which are chunks of spiced smoked sausage. It’s all very reasonably priced with the Texas hot links only being £2.00. The average price for their burgers come in at around £8.00 – £10.00 and you get really great value for the price so what’s not to love?

As you can see there is something for everyone and every occasion, and these are only, SOME great food places around Bristol. My personal favourites are Za Za Bazzar and Grillstock. Well these are some of the best and cheapest places to get food around Bristol, go and check some out and Bon Appetit

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