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The Rife Team

Oh my Rife, that went pretty quick

Ella has come to the end of her time at Rife she’s sad and happy but mainly sad

So, it’s been six months already.

The one thing I kept saying to people about my time throughout Rife was “I didn’t believe the phrase find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life… until I got to Rife” – oh that rhymes.

Not many people know this, but back in February I had just quit a job that, like most of my jobs, had treated me awfully. The day I quit that job, the Rife application was due the same afternoon. It was the only job I applied for after quitting and I’m so glad it was.

It was the only job I applied for after quitting and I’m so glad it was.

Fast forward to today, my last day  – I honestly don’t really know what to say. I have had nine jobs – none of which I’ve been sad to leave (sorry not sorry). I’ve never had a leaving do as I’ve never seen the point. I’ve had work friends but all but one haven’t made it into my actual life and even in that case I had no idea that this former colleague regarded me as a friend until he said so.

So to come to a place that was so welcoming, friendly and understanding was a pretty sweet shock. There was free cake and brownies in the first week are you JOKING???!!?!!

There was free cake and brownies in the first week are you JOKING???!!?!!

At the start of our Rife journey, we were given the task of writing letters to our future selves so we could open at the end of our time at Rife and though I didn’t reaaaaally do all the things I wanted or had predicted I would have.. that main thing I wanted to take away from this experience:  “you came into Rife looking for a new family of sorts and I hope you’ve got that. You deserve it!”

Here’s proof:

Rife is more than just my cohort (whom I love, but I’ll get to that) – Rife is the alumni, it’s the editors, it’s the new cohort (who I will have to dislike on principle but will probably end up being some of my closest friends) and even though I’m “leaving”, I’m not actually going to lose what I gained being here.

Right let’s get to the shout out before I cry:

To my editors – thank you so much for being so supportive. Throughout my six months outside of the office I’ve been through hell and back but I could always guarantee that when I got into the office I would be listened to and motivated to get on with whatever it was I supposed to be doing.

The engagement team (old and new) – Euella, Vic and Roseanna – I don’t think I’ve worked with busier people. I honestly don’t know how you all balanced everything and still found time to support us and have a laugh with us even if you only could sit down in the office for three minutes at a time! I appreciate all of you so much and want to say thank you form the bottom of my heart.

To Tim and Mikael – yo. What the hell? We did a whole six months at Rife magazine. WHAT THE HELL?! 300 applicants, 23 people in the group interview, seven people in the individual interviews and we’re what they came out with. How freaking sick. Tim, I’m going to miss our lunchtime adventures. Who knew that a sushi burrito was a thing?! You’re so talented and kind and I have no doubt that you’ll do whatever you want to and to a level that people could only wish imagine. You’re the most organised person I know and thanks to you I now own a dairy and planner… not to say I’m using them, but you inspired me to make that step so… thanks.

Mikael. Big head. I’m going to call you that before you call me big head because I don’t know what kind of madness you’ve written about me in your reflection piece. But, legitimately… you’re my big little brother and I really am (probably) going to miss you. You’re so smart and honestly, you’re going to great things… so hire me to do some voice acting in a film ASAP so I don’t get withdrawal symptoms.

People who work here never really leave

I came to Rife not really knowing what I wanted to do or how to do it. I also didn’t really know what I was. Being told every day by people who matter to you that you’re a really good writer, or an amazing singer really helped and motivated me to do more. That’s the kind of energy we had in the office that will carry on to my post Rife life (honestly the poetic rhymes are too much).

So after Rife, I am a going to continue with my blog and my music and make a business out if those. Luckily have been offered a job at The Hungry Gap a production company in Bristol so I’ll still be able to feed myself and since the offices aren’t that far away I’m more than sure I’ll be back ASAP. Because as people have been saying to us time and time again here at Watershed: “people who work here never really leave.” So see you tomorrow guys.

Love you.