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Boys Like Us: a journey through identity and self-discovery

Filmmaker Mikael Techane’s debut short film ‘Boys Like Us’ is an affecting reflection on the pains of growing up.

‘Boys Like Us’ is the direct result of and response to Mikael’s past experiences, thoughts and feelings.  The film spans place and time, connecting life events to a broader picture of identity and race. By charting his course of growth and awareness with this film, Mikael has created both an acknowledgement of the past and a documentation of the present, shedding light on issues surrounding his identity combined with the experiences of others he holds dear.

“The film is both a love letter and a send-off, a piece to relate to or empathise with”

Image by Elkie McCrimmon

This is by no means an all-encompassing representation of ‘the black experience’ – however his film aims to document elements of Mikael’s personal experiences whilst sharing the experiences of those around him. The film is both a love letter and a send-off, a piece to relate to or empathise with.

‘Boys Like Us’ is a message to everyone, regardless of background.

Image by Elkie McCrimmon