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Five YouTubers Raising the Bar

Join Sumaya as she discusses some of the YouTubers she feels are changing the game…

There have been many YouTubers on my screens over the years. As a teen, rather than sitting my ass down and revising for GCSEs upon returning home from school, I’d retreat to the corner of my room that offered the strongest WiFi signal, and binge whichever YouTuber I was currently letting take over my life.

Since those good ol’ days, the amount of creators contributing to the never-ending medley of advice, react and music videos, skits, vlogs and gameplay, has risen considerably. Because of this, I think it’s all the more important to have something that not everyone is willing to offer. Here’s a handful of YouTubers I know of, who seem to be working super hard to reach a different level of quality and substance within their work. Enjoy!

Are there any YouTubers you think are changing the game? Let us know in the comments.