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Exulansis: a short film about grief and resilience

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Exulansis: a short film about grief and resilience

Exulansis reflectively explores what grief can feel like for a young person and how it can sometimes be bitter sweet. Producer Layla Burrowes shares her thoughts about making the film.

Tell us about the film

Exulansis is a short documentary about a youth’s experiences with grief. We took a challenge and spoke about a taboo subject, in Exulansis you travel through a young woman’s process of grief and how those around reacted. Although it’s quite a hard subject you will feel very calmed and moved after watching this film due to the vibrant and beautiful settings and imagery.

What was it like making the film? How did the team work together?

Making the film was an amazing experience. Our team very quickly connected and formed friendships. This made working together easy and enjoyable, even at times where things got a little stressful.

Watching the film now, how do you feel?

I felt so many different emotions after watching the final film. Proud was a very dominant emotion as I had seen the whole journey. I also felt very positive, although it’s about what can be a very sad topic. I think the way the film was edited made me feel quite free spirited and content.

What would you like people to take away from watching the film?

I would like people to feel that it’s okay to approach those struggling with their grief. Also, that it’s okay to feel whatever if not any emotions when grieving. We aimed to make the documentary as positive, bright and appreciative of life as possible. This is how I want people to feel after watching the documentary.

Would you recommend the BFI Film Academy to other people?

I would 100% recommend it! The academy genuinely helped me to find and understand myself so much. I discovered that I definitely want to be a part of the film industry, it even helped me to narrow down my university options/choices. It was so inspiring to work with other talented creatives that I could relate to and learn from.


Directed and Told by – Megan Eyres

Producer  – Layla Burrowes

Writer and Assistant Director – Alfie Alexander

Art Director – Saffie Lewis-Summerill

Camera Operator – Alisha Thompson

Second Camera and Editor – Isaac Brain

Music by– Eva Scott

Production Mentor – Holly Black and Jo Barker

This documentary was made by participants on the BFI Film Academy programme and delivered by Watershed.