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Cyberactivism & You – An Illustrated Guide to Organising in the Digital Age

Rife Content Creator Jess Kerubino, has created a printed illustrated guide to organising in the digital age


This illustrated guide touches on topics that surround being an activist today. From the importance of encrypting your messages, to the key messages you need to remember while at an action. It will focus on how to keep yourself and other organisers safe both online and offline, and what steps we can take to reduce potential risks while organising.


This guide is for anyone who feels that they want to be involved in demonstrating for the social justice causes that they believe in, be it gender equality, immigration rights, bodily autonomy or climate justice. Just like the communities we belong to, all of these causes are intertwined with each other and we cannot fight for one without advocating for the other.

This guide will hopefully bring to light the ways we can organise as safely and securely as possible and inspire those who are interested to take the right steps going forward.


With the increase in troubling news stories and current events, a lot of people may feel spurred to act quickly, without fully considering the risks of what they’re getting involved in. Not thinking about the wider factors surrounding safety can risk harming the most vulnerable members of our communities and our actions may endanger instead of protect.

Starting out by just asking yourself questions like…

‘Who knows I’m going to this protest?’ ‘Who knows I’m a part of the organising team for this action?’ ‘Is everyone comfortable with the actions going ahead?’ ‘How will I communicate with the people I’ve protested with today?’

…can set you on the right track to keeping yourself and your fellow organisers as safe as possible while demonstrating.

The full illustrated guide is available to download in a printable and readable version in various colours below:

A4 Black and White Guide in Read Order

A4 Black and White Guide in Print Order

A4 Yellow and Red Guide in Read Order

A4 Yellow and Red Guide in Print Order

A4 Pink, Blue and Lilac Guide in Read Order

A4 Pink, Blue and Lilac Guide in Print Order

A4 Green Guide in Read Order

A4 Green Guide in Print Order

This content was developed as part of Watershed’s The Future is Collective programme, supported by Arts Council England.
Created by Jess Kerubino
Resident Editor: Jazz Thompson