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Diversity In Bristol – Presented in Photography

Jacob explores Diversity in Bristol through their photography

I felt proud to see representation around the city

I took these pictures with the aim of highlighting the vibrance of Bristol, capturing bright buildings and colours. Many of the pictures I took include colours popping out of a plain background, to me this represents the importance of being unique and embracing your identity despite the opinion of others. This confidence is represented through the bold colours I chose to photograph. I tried to capture many different colours next to each other with the idea that many different people – when stood strong together in community – make up the diverse population of Bristol.

When on my walk I saw and photographed many pride flags which clearly highlight the level of acceptance and diversity in our city. For me personally, I felt proud to see representation around the city especially in public places and I hope the flags continue to stay in place to inspire and educate.

Overall, I want to spread positivity through my creativity and with this project I tried to highlight the existing diversity and positivity in Bristol. I hope to encourage others to appreciate the diversity in their area and also consider telling stories and opinions through creative mediums like photography and film.

All photos by Jacob Partridge 

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