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Fiona Clabon

I’m a collage illustrator, creating colourful and playful collages using hand-textured, cut paper.

The process of my collage’s creation is unique, combing my love of printmaking with clean collage to provide you with special additions to your home, unique gifts to friends and family or treats for yourself.

My often intricate designs are created by layering textured papers upon each other, experimenting with colour and composition. I enjoy the simplicity of shapes and contrasting colours as well as combining cutting by hand with the flexibility that working digitally provides.

I have a degree in illustration, which allowed me to explore processes, form and colour, and has given me the skills I need to execute each collage with thought, care, precision and a little fun.

Printed locally in Bristol, I create a range of prints, greetings cards, coasters and mugs, all of which are vibrant, full of life and are of excellent quality.

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