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We've kept the magazine online as an archive and hope you'll still continue to enjoy all of its contributions from the last 8 years.

The Rife Team

Grace Shutti

Grace is a 21-year-old writer, (sometimes) music manager by way of London. Since starting a music blog aged 16, she has found herself working in the music industry with and for the artists she used to write about. Her interests include long-form Buzzfeed articles, black girls doing excellent things and looking at trainers on the Internet.


Grace on the right to the city and what Notting Hill Carnival represents to so many young Black Britons.
Lifestyle / / Grace Shutti

BFI BLACK STAR: Ageing Through The Ages Of Black Film

Grace explores how we grew up on black film and what she learned about herself from decades of black cinema.
Film / / Grace Shutti

Are People Of Colour Talking Enough About Mental Health?

Grace explores how BME communities talk about mental health.

#0117: Grime From Bristol and Beyond

London isn't the be all and end all of grime so Grace shares some of the best MCs Bristol and...
Music / / Grace Shutti

'I'm Really Good At Internet Stalking...'

After realising how comfortable we are with online stalking, Grace considers the benefits and dangerous aspects of doing so.

Kúnlę: A Conversation With My Grandma

After discovering her grandma's intriguing history when she moved in, Grace spoke with her and delved further into her life.
Lifestyle / / Grace Shutti

Bristol's Top Five Women In Music

After attending a Bristol Women in Music event as part of 6Music Festival Fringe, Grace shares some of her top...
Music / / Grace Shutti

13 Times Obama Showed Us Politicians Can Be Human Too

Ahead of the Mayoral Election, Grace considers moments Barack Obama showed his human side - an example she thinks should...

From The City To The Suburbs: 'Where's The Plantain?'

Moving is hard for anyone, but going from the city to the suburbs is tough.
Lifestyle / / Grace Shutti