Hello! Rife Magazine ceased publishing new work in July 2022.

We've kept the magazine online as an archive and hope you'll still continue to enjoy all of its contributions from the last 8 years.

The Rife Team

Jasmine Thompson

Hey my name’s Jazz, and I’m a Bristol based artist who recently graduated in Illustration. I began as a portrait artist but have expanded into areas such as reportage illustration, zine making, and creating caricatures.

I’m inspired by living in an urban environment and the people around me, and thrive off meeting others with brilliant ideas. My most recent work has focussed on ‘Race & integration: A study of culture’. I am passionate about exploring segregation within UK cities (and factors such as religion and language) cultural appropriation and identity issues. Look forward to seeing some content on this in Rife.

I love making comics, and am always looking for new ways to create funny spins on day to day life. I hope to make videos, films, memes, and most importantly push my writing skills. Some seem to think I have an addicted to buying trainers, but in my opinion it’s definitely more of a ‘healthy interest’. Throw some curly hair care tips my way and you’ll be my best friend forever.

'What Makes You Unique?' A Film About Autism And Volunteering

Meet Nathan, a young person with autism who has been volunteering at his local church group for the last three...

Rape Jokes: Comedy Or Over The Line?

A lot of the comedy we watch experiments with dark and adventurous humour, but is this below the belt?

Childhood Cartoon Characters: Where Are They Now?

Jazz draws some of our favourite cartoon characters from childhood, and re-contextualises them in a modern-day, urban environment like Bristol.
Art / / Jasmine Thompson

A Street Art Crawl Through Bristol

Jazz compiles some of Bristol's most quirky, creative, and influential pieces of street art you can find by foot, in...
Art / / Jasmine Thompson

What Makes An Icon?

In a world where celebrity dominates mainstream media, Jazz questions what makes certain people iconic, and why we put them ...

Top 10: Shoe Choices Of My Childhood

Jazz reflects on her most renowned shoe choices she made as a kid- the significant, the questionable, the unforgivable.

From Curls to Coils Part 3: An Interview With Beulah Davina

In part 3 of the series, Jazz explores why it's important that blogs for POC are at the forefront of web...

Summer Holidays: Expectations Vs Reality

Jazz is back with a hilarious comic about how your plans for school summer holidays don't always go to plan.

From Curls to Coils [Part 2]: A Hairdresser's Take

Jasmine chats with a hairdresser on acceptance and conformity, representation, and the natural hair movement.

VIDEO: Rife Magazine Interviews Marvin Rees

The Rife team interviews Marvin Rees, Bristol's brand new mayor.  You may have seen that Bristol has a new mayor.
Bristol / / Jasmine Thompson