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We've kept the magazine online as an archive and hope you'll still continue to enjoy all of its contributions from the last 8 years.

The Rife Team

Shamil Ahmed

If you see a guy walking through the city centre walking around and talking to a camera passionately, with a big beard and a smile on his face, that is most likely Shamil. He’s a YouTube vlogger, a young-ish dude that aims to spread the message of peace, love & smiles (hold the cheese) through his experiences and weirdness. He’s also a part-time superhero (don’t tell his mum). He says: “If you see me, come hug me & lets go out for coffee! :)” He was part of the Creative Talent Lab in Bristol in February 2014 and was in Rife magazine’s second team of in-house of Young Journalists.

Present Ideas For People Who Have No Idea What They Want

Xmas time, secret Santas and random xmas babies' birthdays are fast approaching and you have no idea what your loved...

Nine Ways To Ace Your Exams (Or Coursework)

Ah, you smell that, don’t you?
Upskilling / / Shamil Ahmed

Five Steps To Becoming The Next Amazon.Com (Through Social Media)

Sham, the don of using social networks to sell goods, has worked with many online businesses in his day.
Upskilling / / Shamil Ahmed

How Not To Suck At Photography - Part One

Shamil Ahmed, an ex-sucky freelance photographer, now a not-so sucky freelance photographer is here with quick tips on how you...
Upskilling / / Shamil Ahmed

Circle of Rife

What's that?
Bristol / / Shamil Ahmed

Recap: 'How To Be A Video Journalist' With Dekan Apajee

Last week, the very awesome and (experienced), Dekan Apajee, a veteran in the field of journalism came down to Rife...
Upskilling / / Shamil Ahmed

Why ISIS Doesn't Represent Me

Shamil Ahmed, a Young Muslim, gives his two cents on the whole ISIS crisis and why the ‘Islamic State’ does...

What Islam means to me...

Sham Ahmed, he of that quirky off-the-wall YouTube channel Shamphat Productions, recently got together with some members of Bristol Muslim...