Hello! Rife Magazine ceased publishing new work in July 2022.

We've kept the magazine online as an archive and hope you'll still continue to enjoy all of its contributions from the last 8 years.

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The Rife Awards


The deadline has now passed…

We know it all feels like miles away when you’re first starting out, and that breaking into the creative industries can be hard when you don’t have an in – especially when you’re a young person. That’s why we’re proud to introduce the Rife Awards: a shot of exposure, energy and cash into your creative project. Ever wanted to write the lead story on the front page of Vice? Or be one of the great minds behind Panorama? Or win a Pulitzer for your photography?

We’ve got three prizes of £300 to give away to the most creative, most imaginative and most original bits of content you can muster. Your piece should also convey what Rife is and who you think reads it. We want something our 13-19 year-old audience will love.

The Categories:

The Rife Award for Feature Writing (Prize: £300)

Judges: Martin Booth (Bristol247), Leo Shire (rife)

Rife-Award-writeWe are looking for the best feature, article, interview, story, column, blog, opinion piece or new story. What we are looking for (i.e. what WE think is best) is something that is either surprising or interesting or passionate or controversial or interesting. We’re looking for articles that are researched, balanced, opinionated and confident. We’re not looking for sweeping generalisations. We want something that’s going to move us. Remember to attribute any sources or interviews, and keep the story simple. Here’s a good example of a story we’ve done


Judges: Clare Leczycki (watershed), jack edwards (rife)

We are looking for the best documentary between 90 seconds and 15 minutes long. We’ve gone for such a vast running time range because we don’t want you to feel restricted. We’re not necessarily looking for broadcast quality documentary. You could make it on your smartphone. As long as the story is compelling, the subject/main characters interesting, the subject matter surprising/intriguing/moving/alarming/funny/sad. We want you to have an open brief to make a documentary about something you’re interested in or curious about or passionate about. Remember to get the consent of anyone you’re interviewing (this is your responsibility, and the winning film will have to show proof of consent) and ensure that you’re not filming anywhere or anything illegal. We’re looking for something that will teach us something or show us a world we’ve not seen before. Here’s a good example of a documentary we helped to make

The Rife Award for Photo-essay (Prize: £300)

judges: paul blakemore (photographer), yero Timi-biu (rife)

We’re looking for a photo essay with a maximum of 7 images and 500 words, where the words compliment the images, rather than the other way round. We’re looking for a story told visually. You might be showcasing a series of situations or people and telling about them. You might be highlighting the plight of a certain subculture or place in Bristol. You might even be documenting the changes our city is going through. We’re looking for striking images that last in our brains forever. Remember to get the consent of anyone you’re interviewing (this is your responsibility, and the winning film will have to show proof of consent) and ensure that you’re not filming anywhere or anything illegal. Here’s a photo essay we did that’s had nearly 20,000 page views

How To Enter:

You can only enter one category. And you can only enter that one category once. If you’re entering a documentary as a company, specify that on the entry form.

You must be aged 13-19 and live in Bristol (proof of both will be required of all winners). If you’re under 16 and entering, you’ll need to get the permission of a parent or guardian.

In order to enter, you need to fill out the entry form below. Once you’ve done that you need to get us your entry. If you’re entering the writing award or the photo essay award, these need to be emailed to awards@rifemagazine.co.uk. If you’re entering a documentary, you need to upload this to an UNLISTED YouTube link and include the link in your entry form. Please check the terms and conditions for FULL specifications for your entries. If you do not comply, you run the risk of being immediately disqualified.

The deadline is 31st August. The judges’ decisions will be final. Winners will be notified in September 2015 and announced publicly in October 2015.

Terms And Conditions:

Rife_Awards_Terms_and_Conditions <<<<<<< Look it’s the full Terms and Conditions and information on how to submit entries are here.

Entry Form: