Watershed's Pervasive Media StudioAcross Europe, young people are producing and consuming new media at an unprecedented rate. This presents many exciting new opportunities as well as some significant challenges for youth workers and youth service providers.

ENGAGE is a continuing professional development programme for European youth workers who wish to understand this new ICT-enabled culture and explore how web 2.0 and social media tools can help extend and enhance their practice.

Participants will test and develop new approaches that use digital tools to help sustain young people’s positive engagement with each other and European society.

ENGAGE participants will:

  • Explore and develop innovative approaches to youth work that use digital tools to help extend and sustain engagement with young people
  • Develop skills and literacies to become effective digital communicators and content producers
  • Visit inspirational projects that use accessible communications technologies to help empower young voices and meaningfully engage youth as active European citizens
  • Work together to  develop applications and solutions that will support the engagement of young people who face social, economic or cultural obstructions to active civic participation

ENGAGE is now accepting applications.  For further information please contact engage@watershed.co.uk