Connect + Collab: Create Filmmaking Teams with BFI NETWORK

  • Fri 17 Dec – Wed 26 Jan, 2022

    Connect + Collab: Create Filmmaking Teams with BFI NETWORK


Calling writers, directors, and producers, our 2022 Connect + Collab call for applications is now live!

Film Hub South West, Midlands and South East are running our popular online edition of Connect + Collab, a networking event designed to bring together filmmaking teams to work on short-form narrative projects that would be eligible for BFI NETWORK Short Film Funding.

What is Connect + Collab?

The event is open to UK-based producers and writers and/or directors based in the South West, South East, or Midlands

It is the perfect place for writers and/or directors with exciting short film ideas to find a producer to develop their project with, as well as an opportunity for producers to expand their slate and identify the creative new ideas that stand out. 

All producers who take part will automatically get the chance to book a 1:1 slot with a regional Talent Executive and talk about any ideas they are interested in putting forward as an application to BFI NETWORK Short Film Funding

Connect + Collab will be hosted via Deal Room, an online meeting platform that will allow you to create a profile and book in 1:1 video call meetings with other participants between 9am – 8pm GMT on Thursday 17 February 2022. It is the perfect space to network and explore potential new collaborations with the intention of forming filmmaking teams. 

New connections can then be built after the event, to form filmmaking teams to apply to BFI NETWORK Short Film Funding, which opens again on Monday 14 March 2022. 

In order to apply for BFI NETWORK Short Film Funding, teams need to have a minimum of two individuals across the three creative roles, e.g. separate individuals who are a writer-director and producer respectively, or a director working with a writer-producer. Director-producers are not eligible to apply.

The Spring 2022 BFI NETWORK Short Film Funding call out will be the only funding call out from BFI NETWORK in 2022 as we move into a new strategy period, therefore this is the only Connect + Collab event we will be running in 2022, so don’t miss out!

All producers who take part in Connect + Collab will be invited to join a free masterclass on producing short film as part of the event on Thursday 17 February, with Screen International Star of Tomorrow & BAFTA Breakthrough producer Joy Gharoro-Akpojotor, hosted by NFTS Wales.

Graphic image reads “Find a team for your next short film”

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Who can apply?

You must be aged 18+ and not in full-time education.

Producers based in the UK from all creative disciplines with aspirations to produce short films are eligible. We encourage those who are looking to take on new projects to expand their slate to apply. 

Writers and/or directors from the South West, South East, and Midlands of England as defined by the BFI (BFI UK nations and regions map) who are actively working on a short film project.

  • Please ensure the film idea would be eligible for BFI NETWORK Short Film Funding (download the guidelines here).
  • Connect + Collab is open to Writers and/or Directors who have not been funded by BFI NETWORK previously. 

Please note that writers and/or directors will be asked to provide a 1-page A4 treatment that outlines their short film idea, this will be shared with all producers who register for the event. By sending us your treatment you agree for it to be shared in this way. 

As space is limited, there is a selection process before your attendance is confirmed, based on the strength of your ideas and suitability for BFI NETWORK funding. 

Due to spaces being limited we will take into consideration as part of the assessment process if you applied and were accepted for our last event on Thursday 12 August 2021. If you were, then you will only be eligible to re-apply for this upcoming event in February with a new short film project idea, not the idea you used when you applied previously. 


We are committed to accessibility and we will do everything we can to remove possible barriers to attendance so please let us know how we can make the experience as useful and comfortable as possible via the application form. 

If you would like the application form in another format then please email us on



  • Friday 17 December 2021: Applications open
  • Wednesday 26 January 2022: Applications close (11.59pm)
  • Thursday 3 February 2022: Applicants notified & Deal Room login link sent
  • Thursday 17 February 2022: Event date 9am – 8pm



Deadline Wednesday 26 January (11.59pm)


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