Workshop: Strategic Planning in Challenging Times with Gill Wildman

  • Thu 8 April

    Workshop: Strategic Planning in Challenging Times with Gill Wildman


For our next fortnightly meeting, Gill Wildman from the Watershed and Pervasive Media Studio is hosting a session on Strategic Planning in Challenging Times and all our members are invited.

Organised based on feedback from members, this is a great opportunity for us to take stock of where we are as a sector and look into how we deal with uncertainty in our organisations and businesses.


Gill Wildman is the Business Development Advisor for Watershed, and a Pervasive Media Studio resident focussing on creative businesses and how they understand their audiences and customers. She will be able to help with tools and strategies to maneuver over the uncertainty in the forthcoming months with purposeful and practical advice that can be used in planning.

With the past year that exhibitors have tussled with, we’ll be looking at how we can take a step back and put into place ‘living plans’ and moveable targets. These are adaptive tools that can be adjusted and help with those unforeseen bumps in the road.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to take stock and implement some useful working practices for months ahead. We’ll be forgoing the usual roundtable and catch up, though there will be an opportunity to talk at the end of the session for anyone who wishes to stay on the Zoom call.


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