Encounters We See You Touring programme

Encounters, the UK’s leading short film festival, presents We See You, a shorts programme of six fresh stories exploring femininity and feminism aimed at audiences aged 16-24.




WE SEE YOU is an exciting shorts programme aimed at 16-24 year olds, compromising six fresh stories exploring femininity and feminism through the eyes of young women told by six bold new (and mostly female) filmmakers.

The films explore universal themes including love and relationships, grief, friendships, feminism and sexuality through six engaging and compelling stories of young women. The programme has a total running time of 89 minutes and is certified 15.

Programme pricing:

Minimum guarantee of £50 against 25% (please contact Encounters to discuss options for screening individual films)

What’s on Offer:

6 high-quality international shorts curated by Encounters Festival – the UK’s leading short film and animation festival, and the only UK festival accredited to three major awards (Oscars, BAFTA and European Film Academy) – the programme is aimed at young audiences aged 16-24.

Please email dave@encounters-festival.org.uk for a screener link and to enquire about booking.

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