Bristol Bad Film Club

Welcome to the Bristol Bad Film Club – a place where movie fans can behold some of the most ‘unique’ films ever put to celluloid.

The worst thing a movie can be is completely unmemorable. When you watch a film, which is neither bad nor good, but is instead completely and utterly forgettable, takes up two hours of your life and gives you nothing back in return, apart from disappointment – then that is completely unforgivable.

At the Bristol Bad Film Club, we believe that great movies fall into two categories: they either have to be the very best… or the very worst.

Whether they are Citizen Kane or Plan 9 From Outer Space, we believe that at the very least, a movie should entertain… and there is something wonderful about a truly ‘bad film’.

Whether it’s the head-scratching dialogue, the shoddy special effects or acting that would not look out of place in a nursery school’s nativity play.

Instead of ignoring these films and condemning them, the Bristol Bad Film Club is dedicated to showing them, and other cult films of their ilk, in all their terrible glory, and basking in their awfulness.

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Hard, Cracked the Wind

2019 | A young Cornish poet is compelled to buy an old writing case, curiously engraved with her own initials. Opening the case and reading the faint traces of a poem on the paper within calls the previous owner back from the shadows.

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A Noble Truth

2019 | When flat-earth activist Fawn takes her alternative beliefs offline and onto the streets, a face from the past leads her to wrestle with her newly found ideology.

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Cornwall Film Festival is Back to Celebrate its 20th Anniversary!

Happening between Monday, 15th November to Sunday, 21st November 2021, the festival offers an entertaining, distinct programme of films – from international award winners to local shorts – Q&As, masterclasses, and industry events.


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UCKA Regional Meeting – FAN Membership

The UK Cinema Association (UKCA) has begun its latest round of regional meetings for members and industry partners, the first for two years. The meeting of the Association’s ‘West of England’ branch is planned for Tuesday 16 November and will take place at the Savoy Cinema, Exmouth.


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