Cinema Incentive Scheme

The Cinema Incentive Scheme is a points-based scheme that rewards participating venues for screening more British, independent and specialised films – the more films you screen, the bigger the reward!

The aim of the scheme is to support Film Hub member venues take more risks within their annual programme, diversify their film offer and increase opportunities for audiences to experience a broader range of cinema.

It supports and encourages more risk taking in programming, particularly for smaller venues who are under enormous pressure to cut back on riskier titles to make way for more 'popular' films. It could really change the landscape of programming... Plymouth Arts Centre

Who is it for?

All venues within the Film Hub South West membership that meet the eligibility criteria below are invited to apply for the Cinema Incentive Scheme.

The scheme is split into two tiers.  Tier 1 for full-time venues and Tier 2 for part-time venues.  The total investment in the Cinema Incentive Scheme is £45,000 (2017) divided into £40,000 for Tier 1 venues and £5,000 for Tier 2 venues.


Tier 1

  • Full-time cinemas with minimum 300 screenings per year
  • Screening at least 50% British, independent or specialised cinema
  • Aim is to increase the percentage of independent films screened as part of your annual programme
  • Total pot for all participating venues is £40,000 (2017)


Tier 2

  • Part-time cinemas with minimum 130 screenings per year
  • Screening at leat 60%  British independent or specialised cinema
  • Aim is to increase your number of annual screenings
  • Total pot for all participating venues is £5,000 (2017)


How to apply

Eligibility for this scheme is assessed based on the previous year’s annual screening figures and the percentage of specialised and British independent screenings.

At the point of initial assessment the number of screenings of specialised and British independent cinema above the eligibility threshold for each applying venue will form that venue’s baseline for growth.

Points will be awarded to each venue for all screenings of British independent and specialised films above the eligibility threshold. Double points will be awarded for each screening above the venue’s baseline from the previous year to incentivise growth. The more you do the more you get!

Applications for Cinema Incentive Scheme will open later in 2018.

If you would like to discuss your venue’s suitability for this scheme, please contact Film Hub Communities Manager, Tiffany Holmes.

Absolutely fantastic. Just what cinema in general needs. With cinemas being financially freer to show a more diverse variety of film there is more opportunity to encourage cinema audiences in general to broaden their viewing Gloucester Guildhall

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