Mark Cosgrove’s Blog: 21st Sep

Cinema Curator at Watershed and Chair of the Film Hub South West, Mark Cosgrove feeds back on the highs and lows of Watershed’s screenings this week…

“Whilst I think we all recognise that The Rider is a fantastic independent American film, for me it was always going to be a small film box-office wise. I opened it in our smaller screen and if asked that immortal question: “What would success look like?” in relation to The Rider, my reply would be that it moves into a bigger screen. So it was very pleasing that over the weekend we did indeed swap it into Cinema 3 – our medium sized screen. On the basis of its performance over its opening weekend I have held it over for a 2nd week, which was a calculation that – if we took it off, it would simply disappear from Bristol screens rather than on box-office (it was 4th in our films grosses at the weekend). It seems to me that making available a film like The Rider for longer is a way to maximise audience interest as well as hopefully grow the audience and box-office for these smaller films.

Unfortunately I wish I could have done the same for Palestinian film Wajib which had fantastic reviews at the weekend but it feels like it – as with American Animals – has fallen through the cracks and not fully registered with audiences. Plus with the volume of forthcoming releases (Climax, Faces Places and MIA)  a continuing demand for BlacKkKlansman, Cold War and Miseducation of Cameron Post, screen space is very much at a premium.”

  • Mark Cosgrove, Cinema Curator, Watershed

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