Cinema Rediscovered: Reframing Film

Jazz on a Summer’s Day (1959) c/o IndieCollect – in cinemas from 30 August 2021 (c/o Curzon)

Some of the most distinctive voices in film curation and archiving come together to explore the potential of reframing film heritage. We’ve teamed up with Park Circus to present a session on shaping a repertory programme from idea to the big screen with guests from HOMEBFI Southbank and Cinema Rediscovered. We’ll also be putting the spotlight on organisations that are bringing attention to lesser-known films of the past and finding unique ways of engaging communities through online and in person events and editorial.  

Expect contributions from organisations such as Twelve30 CollectiveOther Cinemas and AiM. We’ll also look at how films of the past are inspiring creative responses from the next generation with a focus on Film TikTok curated by Megan Mitchell (Matchbox Cine) with special guest Queline. There’ll also be a preview of and discussion hosted by Andy Robson, Screen Heritage Producer at Film Hub North about a new short film commission Lost Connections, which responds to our collective experiences since March 2020 drawing on the collections of twelve of the UK’s regional and national film archives.  

You can join in our Restored & Rediscovered slate presentation hosted by Timon Singh (FAN Campaigns Manager) to get a better sense of what is coming up and hear from distributors such as Park Circus, STUDIOCANAL, Curzon and BFI distribution. If you’re feeling sociable, you can get involved in our online meetup for a chance to interact one to one with other exhibition, distribution and archive practitioners sponsored by STUDIOCANAL. 

All sessions will take place via Zoom Webinar, with opportunities for participants to ask questions and share experiences via the chat function.

There will be live captions for all sessions (apart from the Restored & Rediscovered Slate Presentation and meetup.) Captions will be available in two ways, provided by Louisa McDaid:

  • Via Zoom’s built-in closed captions in-webinar (click the CC in the bottom bar) 
  • Or via a separate window – the link will be shared in the chat at the start of the session.

If you have queries about the event, or specific access requirements, please do not hesitate to get in touch and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

This event is free and open to Film Hub / FAN Member organisations and archive practitioners. To find out how to join BFI FAN, contact your regional hub

FAN Member organisations that book for any of the Reframing Film events can access a 50% Discount to Cinema Rediscovered 2021 events at Watershed and Arnolfini (excluding the Film Quiz and Cinema Walks.) Email: to access a promo code.

If you are not a member but have another reason for attending (for example, you work in an archive, are student researching film exhibition or work as an independent curator) do get in touch.

If you are interested in booking some of the films screened at the festival, take a look at the Cinema Rediscovered touring programme available to UK film exhibitors from Aug – Oct.

Read more about the speakers for each event here.

Film Hub South West led initiative co-presented with BFI Film Audience Network (FAN) partners including Film Hub North, leading on major FAN wide film screen heritage activity with support from National Lottery. 

Park Circus & Cinema Rediscovered Present: From Idea to Screen  Thu 29 July 11:00 – Midday  Webinar (via Zoom)

Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures  c/o Park Circus part of 1971: The Year Hollywood Went Independent Tour Package (Aug – Oct 2021)

This session will explore the creative and practical steps involved in shaping a repertory programme from idea to the big screen and everything in between. It will touch on the context of why a cinema might screen a particular ‘old’ film and how you might go about introducing older titles into your programme.  

We will look into examples such as Cinema Rediscovered’s 1971 – The Year Hollywood Went Independent strand and HOME’s Celebrating Women in Global Cinema, get insights into the process and the steps that help make this kind of programming happen and importantly engage audiences and create impact. There’ll be opportunities for attendees to share experiences and ask questions. 

The session will be chaired by Film Critic Anna Smith and we will be joined by guests Rachel Hayward (Home, Manchester), Mark Cosgrove (Watershed / Cinema Rediscovered, Bristol), Julie Pearce (BFI Southbank, London) and Jack Bell (Park Circus). 

Reframing Film: Whose Cinemas

Thu 29 July 13:00 – 14:00 zoom webinar 

Image: No Place Like Home (1973) c/o Shout Factory – touring UK cinemas from August – October c/o Twelve30 Collective 

We’re putting the spotlight on organisations that are bringing attention to lesser-known films and have found interesting ways of engaging audiences, and tracing lineages of familiar experiences and knowledge, through in-person, online events and editorial.

Expect an informal conversation hosted by Reba Martin (Film Hub South West) with contributions from an inspiring line-up including Liz Chege, Director of Africa in Motion (AiM), an annual African film festival taking place in Scotland catering to a varied and diverse audience from all over the UK; Arwa Aburawa from Other Cinemas, a project dedicated to sharing films in ways and spaces which aren’t alienating to Black and POC communities; Rabz Lansiquot who works independently as a filmmaker, programmer, and curator – and as part of Languid Hands exploring Black creative practice, Black liberatory praxis and queer methodologies; and Jonathan Ali from Twelve30 Collective, an independent curating initiative reframing Caribbean cinema for UK audiences and who are launching a UK wide tour (Aug – Oct) of No Place Like Home at Cinema Rediscovered.

Restored & Rediscovered Slate Presentation 

Thu 29 July 14:30 – 15:30 zoom webinar 

+ Restored & Rediscovered Meetup 

15:30 – 16:15  

Image: A Man Called Adam c/o STUDIOCANAL – Home Entertainment release date: 16 August

A look at new restored and re-issued releases coming up on the release schedule for cinemas to show. Join in our Restored & Rediscovered slate presentation hosted by Timon Singh (FAN Campaigns Manager) to get a better sense of what’s coming up and hear more about campaign plans, the context of re-issues and connecting with audiences. Expect presentations from leading distribution and sales companies such as Park Circus, STUDIOCANAL, Curzon and BFI distribution as well as more specialised distribution outfits such as Twelve Thirty Collective. 

Following the presentation, join in our networking session for a chance to interact one to one with other cinema, distribution and archive practitioners, sponsored by STUDIOCANAL.

Lost Connections (U

Fri 30 July 11:00 – 12:00 

Image c/o the North East Film Archive © – Lost Connections is coming soon to cinemas 

Drawing on the collections of twelve of the UK’s regional and national film archives, Lost Connections  (13mins) offers a poetic response to our collective experiences since March 2020 and highlights film’s unique ability to serve as a chronicler of social change, a preserver of memory, and a balm for both viewer and maker.  

This is an opportunity to see a preview of this new short film which explores this extraordinary period in our present-day lives through moving, prescient and powerful images of the past. Following a screening of the film, join in a discussion about the making of Lost Connections and its onward journey to audiences later this year – both online and available for cinemas to book across the UK. Andy Robson, Screen Heritage Producer at Film Hub North, will be in conversation with the archivists, artists and filmmakers behind the film. 

Film TikTok 

Fri 30 July 12:30 – 13:30 

Image c/o Match Box Cine 

What does an app known for dancing Gen Zs have to do with cinema? Discover the emerging world of TikTok, where a new generation of film fans are formed through their own short-form content.  

TikTok, an app to share short videos, has boomed in popularity over the past year and grown as a home for young film fans to share recommendations, reviews and edits of films. And in the ongoing struggle to understand young audiences, grasping TikTok serves as a key insight into how Gen Z audiences are finding, discussing and relating to everything from Parasite to Breathless.  

Join a panel of TikTok experts, including Queline Meadows creator of the viral video essays The Rise of Film TikTok, to be lead through the maze of content, form and trends. TikTok is all at once a departure from how film criticism, film consumption and film sharing has previously been undertaken and a natural progression from the established avenues found online. Film Tiktok draws on Youtube, Letterboxd and Twitter to form a timely vortex of film-related content produced by young audiences for young audiences. Join the panel to explore this new vista of Gen Z cinephilia and consider how the sector could utilise this direct connection to enthusiastic young audiences. 

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