Creative Producers Lab 2021: Meet the Participants

BFI NETWORK South West are pleased to present our participants for the Creative Producers Lab 2021. Running from September – November, this is a remotely taught training scheme led by Bristol Screen Producers for new and emerging film producers based in the South West.   

The participants will undertake a series of online workshops, talks and 1:1 meetings with tutors will cover all stages of development, production, post-production, marketing and distribution/exhibition, including festival strategy. 

The aim is to provide them with a detailed understanding of what the role of a film producer involves and give them the confidence to seek film production funding. The lab will be led by Kate Cook, Alison Sterling and Mike Riley; South West based producers who have years of experience in the field and have worked with critically acclaimed filmmakers. 

Oona Chanfi 

Based in Bristol 

Oona is an actor, filmmaker and photographer. She has recently created a series of short films called Roots which explores identity and multiculturalism as a young person of colour in Bristol. Representation is something Oona is extremely passionate about and through her work wants to focus on people sharing their own personal stories and experiences through conversations. Producing is a career path that she wishes to pursue. 

Instagram: @oonachanfi

Simone Einfalt 

Based in Bristol 

Simone’s practice emanates from her sculpting & experimental video background that carries her fascination for the dualist relationship between fiction and reality. During her studies in Austria, she progressed with writing low budget fiction narratives whilst the consequential close work with actors ignited her deep interest in methods of character development. A shift from DIY theatre and fine arts towards film began with her move to Bristol in 2018. As a film studio apprentice, she got acquainted with the South West’s major production companies, observed their expertise, and assisted on numerous shoots in pre to post production roles. With a natural affinity to all aspects of film & video production she currently works as content producer and production manager for a leading VR company in Bristol and strives to substantiate several home-made short film projects as well as enable fellow writers and directors to follow their visions. 


Sophie Freeman 

Based in Bristol 

Sophie is a producer and assistant director with over eleven years’ experience working across the film and television industry; she has  worked in development, funding (BFI), production, distribution/marketing (Together Films), film festivals (LFF) and exhibition (Picturehouse), which gives her an understanding of the entire filmmaking process and a great overview of the industry.   As the Producer for New Creatives (South West) she helped commission and produce short films, audio and interactive work for BBC platforms, with Calling the Shots. This included her first two shorts  BREADLINE – a dance film about food poverty by Helena Middleton, and Corinne Walker’s  Clifford – a sitcom about an old Jamaican man living with millennials. Sophie wants to make meaningful work with social change at the core – particularly stories that make audiences both laugh and think/preferably cry. Previous credits include Mike Leigh’s Peterloo,  Sarah Gavron’s Suffragette  as well as films/TV not centred on voting rights.  She’s currently building up the Calling the Shots development slate of shorts, TV comedy/drama and feature films.

Twitter: @SophieA_Freeman
Instagram: @sophieafreeman

Jordan Fripp 

Based in Dorset 

Jordan is a 21 year old filmmaker from Poole, and a recent BA (Hons) Film Production graduate from Solent University. Film has always interested him; he enjoys the filmmaking process and creative control you have as a filmmaker to evoke different emotions and reactions in an audience. In the past, he has produced short film and documentary projects, and is keen to work on some bigger scale productions. His recent film Circling The Drain (2021) has just finished completion and is currently in its festival run. He is looking forward to taking part in this opportunity to learn more about the producer role and film industry to develop his skill set and progress as a creative.


Codie Lu Scott 

Based in Bristol 

Codie is a film producer and script developer. She joined the award-winning production company FUTURE FIRST Productions with a baseline of credits within the fashion sector as a producer, director,  and photographer. Her short films include Growing Pains (2020), Radio Silence (2019), and the leading student campaign for Peregrine A/W19 collection (2018). Codie’s mission as a producer is to create a community that supports and uplifts other emerging filmmakers, and to create a slate of narrative work that champions untold/unseen stories. Stories that exploit the injustices in our current society and develop projects of social commentary to move the needle in a positive direction. With FUTURE FIRST, she’s set out to create a creative hub for artists, storytellers, and journalists, as well as changemakers, activists, and pioneers – inspired by those who seek to change the world and to provide opportunities to make it a better place.

Twitter: @codielscott

Instagram: @codielscott

Kingsley Marshall  

Based in Cornwall

Kingsley is an academic, composer and producer based in Cornwall, specialising in the production of short and micro-budget feature films. Kingsley composed the score to Hard, Cracked the Wind (dir. Mark Jenkin) and Dean Quarry (dir. Rachael Jones, 2021), and has served as executive producer on the feature films Wilderness (dir: Justin John Doherty), The Tape (dir: Martha Tilston), and  Long Way Back (dir. Brett Harvey). As part of Myskatonic Films, Kingsley developed and produced Backwoods (dir. Ryan Mackfall), is currently in preproduction with a second film with Ryan Mackfall, The Birdwatcher. 

Liping Pan 

Based in Bristol 

Liping is an experienced bilingual producer in factual television. With a passion for delivering gripping content and focus on engaging storytelling, she has managed numerous TV shows from innovative initial concepts through developments to final productions. She has worked on subjects including art history, engineering, archaeology, travel and culture. Her TV programmes have been successfully delivered to major broadcasters in Europe, U.S and China, including BBC, PBS, Discovery, France Televisions and China Central Television. Apart from TV projects, Liping is also passionate about feature filmmaking. She has been involved in two feature films and would love to explore more in the film industry. She really enjoys the power of well-told stories and wants to be a part of bringing that to others. Liping holds a Master’s degree in Film and TV from the University of Bristol.

Instagram: @liping_uk

Arnold Voysey 

Based in Hampshire 

Arnold is a producer who has recently founded the production company Uncut Artist with the ambition of supporting the creative vision of talented writers and directors across the UK. He has recently produced the short films Death starring Michael Slater, Harvest starring Jules Sitruk and Daniel Thomas starring George Sampson and he is currently in development of the short films Rushed from writer/director Nadine O’Mahony and Malison from writer/director Carl Shanahan. He graduated from the National Film & Television School in 2020 after studying a diploma in Directing Commercials where he directed and produced commercials for Cineworld, Bremont and Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity. As a student at the University of Kent, he founded the student media station KTV Film where he produced and executive produced 12 student feature films and short films. In 2016, his slate of films received the “Best Cinematography” award at the National Student Television Association (NaSTA) annual awards.

Instagram: @arnoldvoysey

Twitter: @arnoldvoysey

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