Film Hub South West Audience Development Open Call Update

Film Hub South West is committed to the BFI’s vision that cultural cinema is for everyone, everywhere. Using funding from the BFI and National Lottery, Film Hub South West’s annual Open Call supports larger scale audience facing activity within the South West region, including film festivals, networked activity and ambitious audience development initiatives that invite and inspire audiences across the region to understand and enjoy the past, present and future of cinema in all its forms.

Please find below details of the Film Hub South West’s Audience Development Open Call awards approved in July 2018.


Afrika Eye Film Festival

Through the power of film Afrika Eye, promotes the richness and diversity of Africa and its diaspora. The annual festival offers opportunities for audiences of all ages to engage with film that focuses on the lives of people throughout the continent of Africa and beyond. Combining the medium of film with a related arts programme to challenge the stereotypes, dispel the myths and explore the traditions and transformations in a constantly changing social and political landscape across the continent.

An award from the Film Hub South West will support enhanced marketing for the 2018 Afrika Eye Film Festival and a number of pop-up and partnership events in the preceding months to raise the profile of the festival and bring African cinema to a wider and more diverse audience in the South West.

Award: £10,500

Expected Audience: 2,015


C-Fylm (Creative Kernow)

C-Fylm supports a network of 38 volunteer led community cinemas to programme monthly film screenings in village halls and community centres across Cornwall, delivering over 365 screenings a year to a combined membership of over 2500 people. An award from Film Hub South West will support a bold programme of First World War themed British independent films to be screened across the network of C Fylm clubs to coincide with the Centenary of the Armistice Day in November 2018. This programme will be supplemented with a short film reel – to include a locally made WW1 short film, Cornish Tommies, currently in production made by young people and archive film from the Imperial War Museum and South West Film & Television Archive that connects with local audiences.

Award: £5,000

Expected Audience: 1,500

Compass Presents – Drive In

Compass Presents is a not-for- profit company based in Bristol focusing on creating immersive environments, enhanced screenings, and interactive encounters. Mixing film, visual art, digital content, music and performance, they use a multidisciplinary approach to present art from new perspectives.

With support from Film Hub South West Compass Presents will deliver an immersive screening of Nicolas Winding Refn’s LA Pulp Thriller and instant cult favourite in a classic American drive in format within underserved area of Bristol. This will be available as a touring event for other venues in the South West and is already booked with Plymouth Arts Centre, Ilfracombe Film Festival and Exeter Phoenix.

Award: £4,000

Expected Audience: 720

Cornwall Film Festival

The theme of the 2018 Cornwall Film Festival is RESISTANCE. The festival will provide a multi-layered environment of plural narratives, offering attendees the unfamiliar and unpredictable, the Avant–Garde and occasionally provocative viewing experience in a 14 day festival. An award from Film Hub South West will support programme delivery of the festival, which attracts passionate film audiences with an International film programme, masterclasses, speakers, director Q&A’s, networking, event cinema, screen education and skills events with 3 days of focused activity at the The Poly Falmouth from Friday 9th – 11th November 2018 and outreach events around Cornwall until 18th November.

Award: £6,000

Expected Audience:1430



The mission of FilmBath is to champion and showcase diversity on screen and behind the camera to as widely-inclusive an audience as possible; to inspire exhibitors to programme more diverse films both in the UK and beyond; to support emerging talent and to develop the next generation of independent film fans.

Film Hub South West support will be focused on enhanced marketing and PR for the annual FilmBath Festival and the costs of a young person’s ticket offer giving a 50% discount to anyone under the age of 26. It will also enable two large scale outdoor screenings in the underserved areas around Bath.

Award: £11,500

Expected Audience: 5000

Purbeck Film Festival

Purbeck Film Festival is in its 22nd year. Almost entirely staffed by volunteers, it operates in East Dorset, an area ill served for film exhibition of any kind, but particularly for UK independent, classic and international film. An award from Film Hub South West will support the festival operation showing over 75 films in 34 different venues ranging from village halls, pubs, restaurants, to cinemas including The Rex Cinema over two weeks in October. Hub support will also be used to deliver a number of audience development activities and a the development of a marketing strategy targeted towards reaching young audiences in East Dorset.

Award: £10,500

Expected Audience: 4,750


Short Sounds Film Festival

The Short Sound Film Festival is an international film festival that takes places in Bournemouth dedicated entirely to cinema’s crafts of sound and music.

The festival screens short documentaries, dramas, animations and music videos, uniquely selected for their cutting-edge use of sound or music. Industry panels, masterclasses and talks throughout the festival bring together a dynamic mix of industry professionals, aspiring film-makers, film enthusiasts and media students, to engage in all things sound and music and their cinematic capabilities. An award from Film Hub South West will focus on activity aimed at reframing film heritage and introducing young audiences to the potential of archive film in a modern context, through interactive sound and image screenings.

Award: £2,500

Expected Audience: 2500

Compass Presents

With support from Film Hub South West, Compass Presents will offer an expanded outdoor cinema screening of recently made, archive experimental sci-fi film, ‘Arcadia.’ The event will be made up of two elements that work together to create an immersive and exciting filmic encounter.

1. A promenade experience will lead audiences to discover strange happenings along a walking trail through the wild gardens of Boiling Wells. Archival clips will feature pagan inspired content, spooky and unsettling stories of strange happenings on their lands; they will tell of rituals and old myths around local traditions and places. The clips might be happened upon e.g. in the shepherds hut, in a tree or in the compost toilet. Clips will directly link the area with its rural heritage and land history.

2. The main amphitheatre then opens for audiences to take their seat to watch Arcadia, out in the wilderness which so closely matches the aesthetic of the film.

Award: £2,000

Expected Audience: 400

South West Silents

With the support of an award from Film Hub South West, South West Silents will deliver a number of special screenings specifically aimed at introducing new audiences to cinema history throughout the region by showcasing silent cinema from in and outside the canon, presented in optimum conditions, with the best prints available and with musical accompaniment that enriches the screening. Activity will be focused this year on a diverse programming strand (covering subjects touching on sexuality, race, and religion) in partnership with organisations across the South West.

Award: £5,000

Expected Audience: 1,700

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