James Bridle will create aerial maps of Guimarães with balloons

We are really looking forward to the second workshop in July ‘Walking the Sky’, where participants are going to be walking around Guimarães sporting a bundle of massive balloons with cameras attached to it.  This will then generate the imagery for the aerial maps.

The mapping project is part of the Open City programme for Guimarães and its focus is precisely that: Altering both the map and the reality of the city through interventions, artworks and new perspectives. But how is this remapping made public, made visible, and most importantly, made “open”?

As James noted:  “Guimarães has some representation on OSM, but it doesn’t come close to an actual map of the city – and neither do many of the competitors. As such, it’s a brilliant opportunity for learning about and contributing to a truly citizen-owned map of the city.”

See http://grassrootsmapping.org/ for some of the techniques used in this workshop.

It is going to be fun and sure to attract attention from passers by. The workshop will be spread over two half days to get the maximum out of it: Tuesday 17 and Wednesday 18 July 14.30 – 18.00.

Sign up:

There are still spaces left for this two half day workshop so make sure you sign up to avoid disappointment. Sign up via the LCD website.

James Bridle is a writer, publisher and technologist based in London, UK. One of James’ passions is mapping. Whether this is for useful stuff or very peculiar stuff, he has probably done it. James has already visited Guimarães in May and ran a low tech workshop (Walking the Streets) at LCD. People mapped the city by using ‘walking papers’ and they have been adding to it ever since.

For more information about the Open City programme please go to: www.watershed.co.uk/opencity

Like the Facebook page: www.facebook.com/opencidade

Note: this workshop will be in English and is open to everyone.

Invitation to James Bridle’s evening presentation

If you cannot make the day time workshop, we invite you to the talk by James Bridle in the evening of Wednesday 18 July at 19.00 at CAAA. For more information see the Facebook event page and CAAA’s website. First come first served so make sure that you are there on time.