Kawamoto the Puppet Master: Full Programme Details

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    Demons, Poets & Priests PG

    A selection of Kawamoto‘s finest short films, including the haunting ghost story The Demon, and foreign myths and fairytales in To Shoot Without Shooting, adapted from a tale set in ancient China.

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    Dark Dreams in Plasticine 15

    The ghoulish grotesquerie of British animation comes up for review in a series of nightmarish visions from the country's top talent, including classics from Oscar winning Suzie Templeton, Peter Lord and bolexbrothers’ Mike Booth and Martin Davies.

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    Jason & The Argonauts U

    Regarded as Ray Harryhausen’s masterpiece, the legendary Greek hero Jason leads the crew members of the Argo on an epic sea voyage in search of the mythical Golden Fleece.

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    Absurdities, Legends and Fairy Tales PG

    The second programme of Kawamoto’s short films celebrates the fantastic, the mystical and the arcane, including the haunting ghost story The Demon and the surreal collage animation The Trip.

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    Barry Purves 15

    Since 1986, Barry Purves has directed and animated some 70 commercials, title sequences, and animation inserts for films and pop promos. This very special screening will present a selection of his films.

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    Panel Discussion: Anima: Expressing the Soul in Stop-Motion

    Top UK animators Barry Purves and Peter Lord discuss the potential of puppet animation and claymation to express emotion and character with host Jasper Sharp.

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    The Book of the Dead 12A

    Set in Japan in the mid-8th century when Buddhism was introduced from China, this story of a battle fought between the spiritual and material world represents the crowning achievement of Kawamoto’s creative practice.

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    The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb 12A

    A dark, twisted, yet enchanting version of the classic fairytale, set in a dystopian world of dark and shadowy tenements, shining high-tech labs and hallucinatory landscapes of garbage and ruins.

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    Cinékids: Claymation Classics PG

    A selection of British animation classics aimed at children between 8 and 12 years old, featuring Sludger the Aardvark in Hamilton Mattress, Wallace and Gromit in The Wrong Trousers and Morph.

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