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Young Artists at The Station


Feeling creative? Fancy trying out some new techniques? We found out about the arty stuff going on down at The Station.

Every term The Station runs a new course called ‘Young Artists‘, designed for – you guessed it – young arty types like yourself.  It’s a great opportunity to work with professional artists doing loads of different ways of making art ranging from graffiti, sculpture and more.

The current students are making art work to go on the Easton Arts Trail this June; everybody on the course has the chance to get their art in a proper exhibition which is great to put on your CV as well as giving you the experience of putting on a show.

You even get to learn about curating the art (putting it in the right place n the wall and working out what should go next to it, so it all looks super great.)

There’s even a chance to take part in a proper Arts Award which could make the difference in a UCAS application, or just make your CV look even better than it already is.

The course is every Tuesday 4:30-6:30pm and is only £25; if that’s a stretch you can even apply for a bursary to cover some of the costs. It’s a great course and – let’s face it – The Station is a great, sociable place to be in.

Find out more info here or get in contact with them via twitter at @Creative_youth