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The Rife Team

Can you tell if somebody is gay based on what they want in a relationship?

Our sexuality is part of our identity; it doesn’t define us.

We want you to tell us what you think is the most important thing in a relationship; this could be as serious or playful as you want, but it has to be honest. Why? Because we’re going to prove that no matter what your sexuality is, we are all the same.

Tweet us @Rifemag with #JustHuman and let us know what you want in a relationship.

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For the last six weeks Rife has been working with Brook (a sexual health organisation) and a young LGBT group, ages ranging from 13-22.

Together we set out to explore some of the issues facing young members of the LGBT community and create a piece of content that reflected our collective agenda.  We began by listing the stereotypes associated with being LGBT and how this negatively affected us, often leading to homophobia, and progressed into discussions about what a typical ‘straight’ person might look like.

Over the course of the project we came to realise that we just wanted to show the world that being LGBT doesn’t make us different; we all want love in some form, whether this be in relationships or friendships. It was a simple message that we all agreed on regardless of age.

As a group we went to Bristol Pride – one of the biggest celebrations of the LGBT community in the UK – and asked the people there what they thought was important to them in a relationship, filming their answers and reactions.

Are you LGBT? Are you straight? We want you to tweet us @Rifemag and tell us what’s important to you in a relationship, or you can tell us via our Facebook page. Remember to use #JustHuman because, you know, we are.

Credit: Jon Aitken

Credit: Jon Aitken