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The Rife Team

We felt the VYBE, did you?

Credit: Jon Aitken

Credit: Jon Aitken

Rife went to VYBE this weekend and had an amazing time – some of us even managed to get in the powder paint fight… We’ve been looking forward to VYBE ever since we got a sneak peak into the planning process months ago, and got really excited about bringing our Gif booth along to show everyone what Rife magazine is about.

The gifs starting coming in immediately…

And we were off everywhere tying out everything VYBE had to offer!

Fresh Flowerz finished their performance and came to say hello!

And then more of the amazing performers turned up:

Throughout the entire day Ryan and Shanai were going around with the Rife camera getting interviews and shots of everything going on; look out for the video soon!


And then they came to say hello!

And then the Queen’s Lieutenant had a go AND IT WAS AMAZING:

But we all knew what everyone was most excited about…


// Yes. #feeltheVYBE14 pic.twitter.com/foiAHVZvct — Rife magazine (@rifemag) July 26, 2014 // ]]>

Adibah took one for the Rife team. Cheers mate.

Did you go to VYBE? Tweet us your photos @Rifemag and keep #feeltheVYBE14 going! Want to see more coverage? Check out Tom Gould's photos here.