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Why ISIS Doesn’t Represent Me

ISIS member forcing hostage to: "Convert to Islam or Die!" and hostage replies wittily: "you first!"

Source: http://matrixbob.wordpress.com/

Shamil Ahmed, a Young Muslim, gives his two cents on the whole ISIS crisis and why the ‘Islamic State’ does not represent him or even Muslims in the slightest.

‘ISIS/IS’, (or the Islamic State in Syria as some would jokingly allow it to be called) seek to: establish a caliphate, cause further beef between two sects of Muslims (Sunni and Shia) and frankly, pee me and every other Muslim off.

In the past few months, being a chocolate-skinned bearded short-ish Muslim man, there’s no way I wouldn’t notice that the media has been parading ISIS around like a poodle at a dog show in typical front page tabloid fashion.

Here’s some of the reasons why both the media and ISIS are bugging me:

1.) ISIS (like Al Qaeda and the Taliban) are only ‘pretend muslims’

They use the label of Muslim falsely.

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 In the Qu’ran it says: “If you were to kill someone it would be as if you killed the whole of human kind. If you were to save someone it would be as if you saved the whole of human kind.” (5:32)

Pretty much everything they do contradicts what Islam teaches. They kill, they threaten, they oppress, they are basically the worst kind of bully (and they probably smell too).

Look, despite what you see of Islam on the news, it truly is a peaceful and loving religion. It aims to promote responsibility and unity among people, Muslim and non-Muslim. It strictly prohibits and condemns the killing of civilians and innocents, unlike ISIS.

2.) ISIS has a Selfish Political Agenda

No one really knows who or what exactly is behind them, but given the fact that most Muslims oppose ISIS and their intentions, we know that what they’re doing is completely selfish and for their own gain (*cough they want land and power cough*), they are doing no one else a favour, believe me.

ISIS has killed more Muslims than non-Muslims to establish a caliphate. Does that make any sense?

Walter White (AKA Bryan Cranston) in the hit series, The Breaking Bad angrily calling someone a coward.

Source: http://cuartaestrella.tumblr.com

Given the fact that there has been a spike increase in number of organisations, imams and people condemning ISIS, we can safely assume that there is a huge (and I’m talking HUGE) amount of people who don’t agree with them. Their ideologies are very alien to Islam.

The majority of Muslims are of the opinion that ISIS has a self-motivated political agenda revolving around the possession and control of land. They are merely using Islam as a mask to hide that.

ISIS has their own agenda, their actions directly contradict what the religion of Islam teaches.
From their aggressive ways, to their lack of tolerance or cohesion with Muslim communities, none of it correlates with Islam.

Trust me.

Islam to ISIS and Islam to me (and many others) are two completely different things.

Here’s a video about what Islam means to me, and a whole bunch of other cool kids. It was made with the purpose of countering all the Anti-Islamic poo in the media that is the result of smelly crews like ISIS.

3.) ‘Islam is the new black’ – isis vs the media vs islam

Ever since 9/11, when it comes to Islam’s portrayal in the media, every single bad guy and his mother has been associated with Islam, and I hate  to break it to you, but they shouldn’t be.

The Sun Newspaper Headlines: 'Muslim Convert Beheads Woman In Garden'

source: http://www.thesun.co.uk

Not in my name, guys. Not in my name. For heaven’s sake. Everything bad, and I mean everything bad in one way or another is or has been associated with Islam in some stupid way. I’m not even joking. Heck, people are now even trying to say ebola came from Muslims in ISIS

For the past couple of years, a crazy amount of stories have popped up that the media have ever so nicely (I’m being really really sarcastic here) made synonymous with Islam. ISIS has now added to that list.

4.) ISIS, Al-Qaeda and the Taliban have been condemned for a long time

For over 10 years, Muslims have been pulling together to denounce every single gang of ‘Muslim super villains’ even though they shouldn’t have to (as they shouldn’t have been associated in the first place).

A group of protestors that are anti-ISIS that are holding a sign that says: "No 2 ISIS"

Source: http://www.clarionproject.org

Yet, you don’t see that, or do you? There has been countless campaigns, videos, petitions, articles, you name it, but on the mainstream news, Muslims are constantly victim to accusations for not raising our voices against these ‘insert new name here’ terrorists.

It’s honestly such a shame that these efforts aren’t being noticed.

5.) Backlash

One thing: ISIS, Al-Qaeda and the Taliban all have in common is that their actions cause backlash towards innocent people all over the world.

Sikh model Waris Ahluwaliya GAP promotional fashion poster defaced with racial slurs relating to terrorism and Islam

source: http://i.dailymail.co.uk

There has been so many instances where Muslims and even non-Muslims have been victim to attacks, threats, vandalism and even bullying.

Why should anyone have to suffer for anyone else’s actions? When was that ever justified?

There are more than 1.6 billion Muslims on Earth (that is nearly a quarter of the total population) yet we’re quick to generalise ALL Muslims due to a few who act wrongly? Don’t you think it sucks that ISIS’ (who is barely even 1% of the total population of Muslims) behaviour is the paint that all muslims get brushed in? It really really sucks, guys.

For those reading this, I’d like to reiterate that ISIS does not represent anyone other than themselves and what’s wrong with the world. When power gets to your head and you begin to get greedy, you stoop as low as ISIS have. Additionally I’d like to ask that you do not base your view of anyone from what the news tell you. Always do your research.

Do you agree with Shamil? Have ISIS affected you in any way? Do you have any more to add to this list?  (Of course you do). Tell us your experiences on ISIS or what frustrates you about them or anything else, please make sure to give us a shout: @rifemag