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How To Be A Vlogging Badass and Become YouTube Royalty


So you want to be a vlogger? Sham, or should we say Shamphat from YouTube, has plenty experience in that field. He’s always dishing out some top tips for vloggers at any level. Being a vlogger can sometimes be hard work, but it’s definitely rewarding.

Not long ago, at the Rife HQ, we taught loads of school kids how to vlog. Using their awesome work to illustrate, I’m going to give you some pointers on how to become the YouTube king or queen.

Do Your Research

There’s nothing like a little structure in your vlog, complemented by some factual research.

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If you have a topic, learn EVERYTHING about it, and get your facts straight (otherwise you are troll-bait) and deliver like the pro that you are. It’s important to know what you’re talking about. It just makes your video that much more intriguing and also makes you the go-to person when viewers are looking for information on that subject.

You are the teacher, your viewers are your students, and your vlog is your class. You have complete control of your vlog, so research your topic and have fun. You have the world listening, so give them something entertaining and educational to listen to.

Utilise Your Talents

Everyone has a hobby or something they’re good at, even if they haven’t realised it yet. Use your talent or hobby and show it off.

When you’re good at something, and passionate about it too, show the world. You’ll be surprised at how many people share the same interests as you.

If you want your talent or hobby to be seen, you want to teach others about it or you just want to have fun, what better way than to do so than making a video?

Plan out the process of how you want to show off your hobby or talent, then film, edit and upload. It’s as simple as that.

It’s also great to ask your viewers to comment on your hobby, talent or vlog and also for them to give advice and suggestions for your next video.

Remember, it’s important to remember that places like YouTube act a community, where everyone has everyone’s back.


If there is something that not only grinds your gears, but grinds other’s gears too, turn your camera on and rant about it on video.

If it’s a subject that other people can relate to, they will understand your pain and Incredible Hulk-like anger and unconsciously nod and clap along to everything you say.

Will Ferrell in the film, the anchorman: screaming in a phone booth:

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It’s important to structure your anger into arguments, and not just go crazy or be plain mean.  Be sure to use plenty of examples and real life situations to make it extra relatable. Otherwise, your viewers are going to think you are bonkers and the non-watchable kind.

Be funny and don’t go out of character too often, as for a lot of people, that can get annoying, very quickly. No one wants to make a rant about a person making a rant.

I can feel my head heating up just thinking about it.

Make Lists

Everybody loves a good list. The way they glimmer in the corner of your eye in the related videos section. Seeing titles ’17 Reasons Why Your Cat Is An Evil Genius’ just makes me want to click on the video and I don’t even have a cat.

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Breakdowns or charts to show why something is the best or worst is something that’s accessible to all audiences. It’s easy to change subjects and angles so it’s a definite recommendation from me.

To make lists out of something that interests you is definitely a good start. Maybe try a hobby of yours? Or even a TV show?

Think about loveable shows that are super popular, like Breaking Bad or The Simpsons, for example. Would they reel in viewers?

– 14 Inspirational Life Lessons Walter White Taught Us.

– 12 Reasons Why We Have A Little Homer Simpson In All Of Us. 

Get my drift?


Let’s face it, challenges are hilarious. Whether it’s the  seven-second or the chubby bunny challenge. There’s bound to be a funny reaction that occurs out of it.

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There are many challenges that vloggers can do or be nominated for. The point of a good challenge is that you’re supposed to completely mess up and/or look ridiculous while attempting the challenge.

A gif of glozell saying: 'Don't do drugs or cinnamon'.

source: throwingsquirrels.tumblr.com

Different vloggers always have different reactions, so show that you looking like a confused clown is the best confused clown out there.

Challenges are pretty funny and self-explanatory too, so not much planning has to go into it, other than a bit of shopping and a little bit of research. Just don’t do anything too insane! No one should get hurt doing your challenges.

Collaborate and feature with other people in your vlogs. If they’re your friends or family, great. If it’s another vlogger, even greater.

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‘Collab-ing’ is an important part of YouTube culture. Just having a guest on your show can make a lot of difference, firstly as a different character and secondly as a way of introducing general variety to your channel. Doing challenges, Q&A’s or sketches together brings not only your normal tone to the video but your guest’s too.

Bearded man in the woods giving a nod of approval.

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Bonus points: Having another YouTuber featuring in your video mixes their audience with yours, and both you and they can potentially get more viewers. Also, coming up with ideas for videos now become a shared task.

If All Else Fails, Just Be an original

Literally as the header says, just be a little weird if nothing else works. 

Think of the internet as a place where you can be anyone you want (as long as it’s legal). Create your character: if you don’t feel like you can be a show host, present yourself as someone different.

You can be an ace smooth talker, you can be an introverted computer genius, or you can be someone who’s obsessed with sausages.

The whole point of vlogging is about you being creative with yourself as well as your thoughts and ideas. That’s the fun in it.

Have fun

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One of the most beneficial points I can give about vlogging in the most cheesy way possible is to simply have fun with it. Vlogging is all about your journey and development throughout it.

There will be times where you think you look unbearably ridiculous and you just don’t feel like sharing that with the world, but that is something everyone faces, but believe me when I say that’s the hardest part. Once you get past that, and become confident in your work, you will be proud.

It’s like looking back at your old primary school photos. If you look now, you’re most likely to cringe. But all the stories and moments you’ve had on the journey will be memorable, and I can really guarantee you will have a great time vlogging if you follow the points in this article.

FYI, vlogging is a seriously viable option for a career now. It’s not hard to get into. It just takes dedication.

Here are some excellent Vloggers

a boy being winning the internet.

source: buzzfeed.com

Have a go! 

Did this inspire you to be a vlogger? If you are a vlogger, do you have anymore tips to add? Did you watch your first video recently? If so, how much did you cringe? Let us know @rifemag (on Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) or at Rife Magazine (on Facebook), you can be completely honest.