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The Rife Team

Sham’s Epic Rife Journey

A sweet pic of: Sham, Jess, Hal, Molly and Sammy at their work Xmas meal

The Rife Family. Credit: Shamil Ahmed

Here’s Sham opening his mushy heart onto digital paper to tell you all about his awesome time here at Rife Magazine.

Six months can really fly by. I mean people tell you that, but you don’t ever believe them.

However, I can say with hand on heart that this has been six months that have really turned my life around and have got me feeling really optimistic about myself.

Today I’m this guy: 

Sham smiling by the watershed

My Big Head. Credit: Vanessa BS

However, six months ago I was this guy: 

a picture of baby shamil

Credit: Papa Sham according to Sham

It was October of 2014 when I started here at Rife.

I had no idea I was going to develop so much and become someone who was going to make an actual difference in this World. Both my Willy Wonka-esque creative side and my inner motivational Rocky Balboa has been unlocked and I am confident that I’ll be somewhere real good in a year or two.

Everyone here at the Watershed and especially Rife have been incredibly supportive. I don’t think I’ll be able to thank them enough, I say this as I hear them in my head saying ‘Don’t sweat it Sham’ as they wave their hands and show off their beautiful grins.

team lunch

Credit: Vanessa BS

One of the many reasons I wanted to be part of Rife was to learn how to write creatively, critically and professionally. Turns out, I already had that skill under my belt (somehow), and I can be a pretty kick-ass writer when I need to be.

From working alongside our editor Nikesh Shukla (he’s a great writer, you should buy his books) I’ve grown an unbelievable amount, in fact I don’t think he even knows how much. I’ve learnt how to be an ace content creator, in writing, filming, photography and all that jazz. He showed us all how to get your audience’s mind’s buzzing and get their smiles cracking.

But the biggest thing that he taught me, was to always be me

Sham on a play motorbike in a park

Credit: Ajay Singh

That might not sound like that much a of a big deal to you. 

To me, in terms of self confidence, self esteem and fulfilment, that is something every young person needs to hear.

To feel like your opinion is something that needs to be heard, to feel like your ideas are incredible and you don’t need to be or sound like someone else is such an important thing. To believe in yourself.

He constantly tells me to ‘Sham-ify’ my content, and to those who don’t know me personally, that means to make my content, light-hearted, warm and smiley.

Nikesh, I raise my glass of OJ to you. Thanks, boss.

young journalist Sham and Rife editor Nikesh

Credit: Shamil Ahmed – ADD RIFE ON SNAPCHAT: @rifemag

A huge shout out to Vanessa Belaar Spruijt and Hannah Higginson too (the project co-ordinator and engagement producer).

These two queens were confident in me from day one. They gave me many opportunities to network and gave me the responsibility to represent Rife in new places with new people, they taught me solid industry standard practices and software and put be in situations I didn’t even realise I would be good at.

Because of them I was able to grasp my love for teaching young people too, recently I was able to teach school kids how to vlog. Not bragging or anything, but a group of year 7s dubbed me as ‘Sham-azing’.

The Rife Team

A group photo of the second set of interns at Rife Magazine, from left to right: Sammy Jones, Jess Connett, Shamil Ahmed and Molly Perryman

Photo: Vanessa Belaar Sprujit

 I love my team.

Just before I started here at Rife, I’m not going to lie I was pretty worried about who I’d be working with. You know the usual worries. Will we get along? They’re going to hate me, aren’t they? I’m too weird for them. These are some of the silly things I thought.

Then on the first day, we clicked.

Sham, Sammy and Jess

Credit: Shamil Ahmed

And we clicked.

Credit: Shamil Ahmed

Credit: Shamil Ahmed

And we clicked.

credit: Shamil Ahmed

credit: Shamil Ahmed

I couldn’t have been blessed any more than I was with the sweet, weird and funny bunch as Molly, Sammy and Jess.

We had everything there was in a team, an epic skill set, we all helped each other, comforted each other, laughed with each other, and of course sang our hearts out to cheesy pop songs in the office whenever the chance arose.

When it came to work, we were solid, we knew each others strengths and weaknesses and we had each others backs. We were the ultimate unit.

I know years from now that we’re all still going to be tight. Rife managed to create a little family out of us. 

What’s Next?

Sham at SGS filton doing an interview for some students and made in bristol tv

Credit: Shamil Ahmed

Rife has taught me so much and I hope they don’t think they’ve gotten rid of me yet. Because I’ll still be around, contributing where I can.

Writing is fun and if you’re new to Rife and reading this, you should definitely contribute, it’s a good move.

I’m looking to relaunch my YouTube channel very soon. Vlogging is a passion of mine, and through vlogging, I’ve had new opportunities, met new people and I get to challenge my creative side all the time. So look forward to that. Check my channel here.

I’m also looking to get into producing, seeing a project from start to finish has such a rewarding feeling. Planning, making things happen, whether it’s on a set of a film, or it’s setting up an event, I thrive off that energy.

I also want to work with young people, their wings and minds are wild and aren’t tamed by their own thoughts, so they come up with the most awesome goals, I want to make sure that they keep having those goals and achieve them. I feel like my story might inspire them.

From the bottom of my heart, Rife, this ambiverted, small, jolly man has learnt so much, all because of you and I sincerely wish you the very best.


If you want to hug me and wipe my tears then hit me up on Twitter here. Otherwise get in touch with Rife, they’ll love you @rifemag (on Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) or at Rife Magazine (on Facebook).