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Present Ideas For People Who Have No Idea What They Want

A picture of Sean Bean in 'The game of thrones' captioned: Xmas Is Coming

edit by: Shamil Ahmed

Xmas time, secret Santas and random xmas babies’ birthdays are fast approaching and you have no idea what your loved ones or colleagues want because…(dramatic sound effect) they have no idea what they want either. Worry not, you are not alone. Just turn off your SOS sirens and check these ideas out. Shamil Ahmed has laid it all out for you.

With presents, it is always great to give something that means well…something to the person you’re giving it to.

Whether it’s a personal gift or homemade, let them know the intention behind it. So with all of these, do attach a card with a nice message inside or give it in person.

With that being said, here’s nine present ideas for those (hopefully) wonderful people in your life (that are making you pull all your hair out because of their presents):

1. Personalised Nutella

Images of Nutella Jars with personalised messages on them stating: "you really want this for yourself"

edit: Shamil Ahmed

Who doesn’t love Nutella, right? Everyone but my brother (who has a weird curse/allergy against it) that’s who!

However, the Nutella isn’t the only great thing about this gift, you can actually put your lucky recipient’s name on there, setting in stone their love for you from that day forward to the rest of eternity for only about £3.99.

There is only one teensy-weensy obstacle that may get in the way. There has been huge demand for these beautiful little wonders online, so you actually can’t get them there anymore. You’ll have to pick them up from your closest Selfridges store.

2. Your Netflix Password


Source: metro.co.uk

There’s nothing that says ‘I love you’ or ‘you are important to me’ quite like access to your Netflix subscription.

That’s right, giving someone your password to your Netflix account is basically like proposing, building the Taj Mahal for them and giving them them a personalised jar of Nutella all at once.

Unless you’re just friends or family of course, then they’d just realise how much of a treasure you are.

If you don’t have a Netflix account, you can get one here as a rolling contract for only £5.99 a month.

3. Gift Cards (Safety present)

A selection of GiftCards

Source: Richard B. Levine, http://www.blogcdn.com

If you only have an inkling of an idea of what your beloved recipient wants, then get them a gift card. A gift card is a safe and sincere gift, whatever the occasion.

Find out what the recipient’s interests are. Then look for a store that relates to their interests. Or just find their favourite store and whack em’ a gift card.

They’re Bristolian and you want to play it safe? Get them a Cabot Circus or Cribbs Causeway gift card. That way they can use the card at any store within the complex without having to pick just one.

If the person in mind isn’t from around Bristol, (or if they smell and you don’t want to see them) and you still want to play if safe, get them an online shopping gift card for somewhere like amazon.co.uk.

All of these gift cards start from a minimum of £5.

4. Printrbooks

'the year i said yes' captioned onto a book

source: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/

If your recipient is on Instagram. This is an amazing gift, (not going to lie, I found out about it not too long ago and have already bought one for myself) and they will love it and love you and your kids and your grandkids forever.

Through printrbook you can curate a bunch of photos from the recipient’s Instagram and make a cute, bubbly and memorable book that either cause a singular tear of joy to be shed or get you to bring out your old swimming goggles out because you’re going to be swimming in the joy.

It’s quick and easy, and only starting from £12 (with free delivery).

5. Personalised heat transparency mug

a personalised mug

source: gettingpersonal.co.uk

Personalised mugs. Now I know this isn’t as cool as the other stuff, but this is more like the icing on the cake sort of present.

From gettingpersonal.co.uk, you can personalise and write whatever you want on these mugs. If you’re creative enough, write an inside joke that would make the two of you laugh.

Also, if the recipient is slightly quirky, you could impress them by making the mug a heat change mug, which means that the text won’t appear till there is a hot beverage in that mug of theirs. It’s a nice little surprise. You’ll definitely make someone smile for this.

Mugs starting from £9.99.

6. Your favourite film box set or book/S

Robert Downey Jr. standing in front of a plethora of DVDs with his arms open

Edit: Shamil Ahmed

It’s always great to receive a gift that’s sentimental to someone else. So why not do the same for them?  

There is most likely a film or book that you really love. Whether it’s from your childhood or it’s just generally memorable to you.

Ask yourself, why would you want someone else to see/read it? What does it mean to you? Then give it to them as a trusted gift with a neato little message inside and ask them to give you a call once they finished the book or film so you can be fans together and have inside jokes at parties and stuff.

Check your local entertainment store or Amazon’s section on DVDs and books

7. Casio watches

A casio watch

source: http://www.shadestation.co.uk

 Casio watches are cool, sweet and stylish watches. 

Watches may not be everyone’s thing, nevertheless, the recipient will appreciate it.

Whether they need to know the time of day or just want to look dapper when they’re out with their posse and whatnot, they will dig it. Casio watches are also unisex so don’t sweat it. They generally come in black, silver or gold, so try to find out what your recipients favourite colour would be out of those.

You can get Casio watches directly from the site here

8. Personalised Book/Calendar

A handmade book titled: '52 Reasons Why I Think You're Great"

source: rikkistiff.tumblr.com

Any gift that has time put into it are really awesome gifts. A great amount of time, sincerity, thoughts and heart are involved with the making of the gift. What more could someone ask for? 

If the recipient is important to you, a handmade gift is definitely the way to go.

Make something that they will hold close them. So pop to your local crafting store and make a book or calendar that revolves around them.

For books you could make it about reasons why you think they’re the best in the world. Or for calendars you could write inspirational quotes in theme of each month and mark in dates that are important to both you and the recipient.

If you’re not feeling too creative, there are these wicked little things out there that do most of the footwork for you, just fill in the blanks, but pretty please, do be meaningful and try to make your lucky recipient smile.

A book titled: Why You're So Awesome

source: http://knockknockstuff.com

Why You’re So Awesome

A book titled: What I love about you

source: http://knockknockstuff.com

What I Love About You

There you go guys and gals, you are now fully equipped to take on whoever needs a gift, so get to shopping or making. If there is anything I missed which your epic diabolical mind thought of or have done in the past, do let us know @rifemag (on Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) or at Rife Magazine (on Facebook) and tell us of your amazing ways and present purchasing battles.