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Six Tips For Being A Gamer On The Cheap


Amy and Richard on how to get the games you want without breaking the bank.

Gaming is expensive. Games are expensive. Consoles are expensive. It’s all expensive. And if you’re an avid gamer like us, you want to be able to play the best games whenever you want. With these handy tips, you can game to your heart’s content without going bust.

1) Consider Being A PC Gamer

PC games are definitely cheaper and the main releases are usually on PC with hard copies and downloads readily available.

2) Rent Your Games


Some games can be a real disappointment and not live up to the hype. Why not think about renting your games and make sure they earn back your investment in them, before the prices go down.

3) Go To Car Boot Sales Or Charity Shops


You will be amazed at what you can get at car boot sales. All sorts. Just make sure the right games are actually in the case and they aren’t scratched up too badly. You can’t ever get your money back so don’t buy too hastily.

4) Membership/Reward Cards


Getting your games and gear from one supplier could mean some great savings. Also, you might be entitled to advance releases, so make sure you sign up.

5) Do Your Research

Looking through deals 01

Shop around, online and in shops, before buying. Compare prices and find the cheapest one. Larger stores are definitely more expensive so hunt out the best deals.

6) Wait.


You don’t have to get every single game the second it comes out, no matter how badly you want to play it. You could just wait.

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