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Your Eight-Step Guide To Making Your Own Lip Gloss


Rosie and Deqa set out to make their own make-up, because it’s easier than you think.

Make-up can be so expensive, right? Like, I-just-spent-all-my-money-on-this-foundation-but-I-look-good-but-I-am-skint expensive. So expensive. We heard about these people making their own make-up online, and we thought, how hard can it be? We gave it a go and we’re going to share our top tips with you.

Want to learn how to make good quality homemade lipgloss in under 15 minutes? In any colour you want? Just follow this step-by-step guide.

First off, you need materials:


Makeup 03

Coconut oil (or alternatively, vaseline)
A little pot/tin (must be heat-proof)
Little pots to decorate
Ribbon (optional)
Sticker letters (optional)
Sweets (for scent)


  1. Makeup 02
  2. 1) Lay all your ingredients out.
  3. 2) Boil water into a pan.
  4. 3) Put something metal in the boiling water to use as a pot.
  5. 4) Place the coconut oil and a full crayon, depending on how pigmented you like it, into the pot.
  1. 5) Let the crayon and coconut oil blend in together and turn into a liquid (at this stage, add the sweets, for scent).


  1. 6) Pour the liquid into a little decorated pot.
  2. 7) Put the pot in the fridge to set for five minutes.


  1. 8) Your lip gloss is ready. Put it on and look like your best self. Easy.

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