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What Happens After Dark When There’s Nothing To Do: A Film About Southmead


Meet Codie – he’s Southmead born and bred and he wants to show you around his ends.

Made by 8th Sense Media, in partnership with Rife Magazine and young people from Southmead Youth Centre, this documentary takes you on a tour of an area of Bristol that people don’t know much about, apart from news stories about violence and crime, or documentaries. Southmead could be an amazing place, with great opportunities for young people, says Codie. And if a bit more effort was put into providing more stuff for young people to do, maybe they wouldn’t be up to no good.

Anyway, let Codie take you to Southmead.

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Here’s a list of things to do in Southmead

Here is Southmead Youth Centre

The film was directed/Edited by Michael Jenkins (8th Sense Media), produced for Bristol Youth Links by young people from Southmead Youth Centre with support and mentoring from 8th Sense Media.

8th Sense Media