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Fourteen Things That Annoy Us About School

Copyright: Rashida

Copyright: Rashida

Whether you’re currently in school, sixth form, college or work, everybody comes across the same problems, irritations and down-right un-necessities. 

Matt Bates has picked the best/worst problems that arise when you’re regularly situated in a large group of young adults in a relatively enclosed, competitive, hormonal environment.

1) When you’re quite happily enjoying your own company, which doesn’t happen often in school, and suddenly…


2) And when this person doesn’t quite get the message and continues to provide you with step-by-step details of what’s not going to plan at the moment…


3) Or, as bad as it sounds, when your friend’s joke just isn’t that funny but you just don’t have the heart to say…


4) And then somebody that you secretly hate does say something funny…


5) Or what about that person in class who always tries to play it off like ‘oh, I knew that’, when you know that they almost-definitely didn’t..


6) Has anyone else been sat in lesson and there is that one person (normally the same individual who is guilty of #4) who has absolutely no idea what they’re going on about?


7) And then your day is improved tenfold by every single teacher possible giving you 527 mark essays due in tomorrow?


8) When all you want is this…


9) And then just to top it all off, the fountain suddenly decides to empty its contents on to the uniform that you had taken so long to try and make wearable/comfortable/fashionable/meh…


10) Or when a teacher asks you if you have done something which you have already given an excuse for as to why haven’t?


11) But there are definitely a lot of positives to being in school.

Ranging from the impromptu moments when you’re walking down the corridor with your friends and suddenly feel like the most bad-ass group around…


12) Or when you have to give an answer in class and you nail it…


13) And then the almighty-stereotype of the highlight of being a student…


14) But then you remember how it really works…


What are problems do you face in school, sixth form or college? What irritates you? Teachers? Other pupils? The stupid periodic table?

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